Bobsicles Reviews Criminal Minds - The Introduction

bobbythebrony Hello everyone, Bobsicles is here with yet another new review series. This time it's the crime drama Criminal Minds. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this show since most of the characters have turned into douchebags. I will still give my best. First, the introduction.

Aaron Hotchner has been the leader of the team since Jason Gideon left. Referred to as "Hotch", he hardly shows his emotions and can sometimes be an ignorant jackass. He has a son with his late wife Haley, who was murdered in season five by serial killer George Foyet. He is mostly a good guy who can sometimes treat innocent people like dirt. His arch nemesis was George Foyet

Spencer Reid is the genius of the team. Having a high IQ, he knows much more than the other members. His character's intelligence is stretched beyond the realms of realism though. He is most often referred to as Doctor and not Agent. Like the others, he can be an inconsiderate jackass. His arch nemesis was Tobias Hankel

David Rossi is the most experienced agent in the unit as he started it in the 1970s with Jason Gideon. A funny and sarcastic writer, he has been married three times and has a daughter. He is Italian and a Vietnam veteran. The only time I can recall him being a jackass is in a season five episode. He is mostly a good guy. His arch nemesis was John Curtis

Jennifer "J.J." Jareau is an agent and former communications liaison. She is married to William LaMontagne and has two sons named Henry and Michael. She briefly left in season six to serve in Afghanistan where she met Matt Cruz. Honestly, she tries too hard to be tough. Her arch nemesis was Tivon Askari.

Derek Morgan is, in my opinion, the worst character on the show. He is narcissistic and a bully who does despicable things and is never punished. He also thinks every woman finds him sexy. He also thinks he's the toughest thing in the universe though I could easily kick his ass. In other words, he has nothing good about him.

Penelope Garcia is the technical analyst of the team. Honestly, her overall niceness, personality and flirting with a wuss make me cringe. Whenever she looks at crime scene photos, she has to look at pictures of cute animals to calm down. She is probably the funniest character but she is cringeworthy to someone like me.

Jason Gideon was the former leader of the team. He started the unit with Rossi in the 1970s. He has a fascination with birds stemming from an early unsolved case. His girlfriend was murdered by a serial killer in season two. He was murdered by serial killer Donnie Mallick in season ten. His arch nemesis was Frank Breitcopf.

Emily Prentiss is a former agent of the unit. She joined after Elle Greenaway left. She is a good hardworking woman and never disappointed. She was once a terrorist profiler for Interpol. She faked her death in season six but came back in season seven. She is now back at Interpol. Her arch nemesis was Ian Doyle.

Elle Greenaway is a Seattle FBI agent who joined the unit in season one. She can sometimes be arrogant and rude. She was shot by Randall Garner in season one. She left in season two after murdering a serial rapist.

Alex Blake joined the team after Prentiss left in season seven. A female Spencer Reid, she is smart and a good negotiater. Sheos married and has a brother. She also grew up in Kansas City. She was shot in Bully and left in season nine after Reid was shot in the neck.

Kate Callahan joined in season ten after Blake left. She is a wife and aunt whose family died in 9/11. Her niece is kidnapped in season ten and she went on leave after giving birth. Her arch nemesis is Alex Zorgen.

Ashley Weaver briefly replaced J.J in season six. She is the daughter of a serial killer. She is a good agent but can be very emotional. She leaves and joins another unit after season six.

Dr. Tara Lewis is a forensic psychologist who is currently in season eleven as a replacement for Callahan. So far, not much is known about her. She has proved excellent so far.

Erin Strauss was the former section chief. She was initially antagonistic but eventually softened up. She also had a drinking problem. She was murdered by John Curtis in season eight.

Matt Cruz is the current section chief. He initially met J.J. in Afghanistan. Like her, he was kidnapped in season nine by Tivon Askari. He is a good leader and is liked by the team.

Well that's most of the major characters of the show. This was just an introduction but next time will be a review. If that's it then I'm out. See ya.


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