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bobbythebrony Welcome to the first Criminal Minds review. As you expect, it's the very first episode, Extreme Aggressor. In this episode, the team travels to Seattle, Washington to stop the "Seattle Stranglers", a pair of serial killers who have killed four women and abducted a fifth. Here we go.

The episode opens with one of the stranglers, Timothy Vogel, abducting Heather Woodland during a test drive. She sees a picture of a car online and meets him to buy the car. During the test drive, he knocks her out and takes her to an abandoned shipyard where he keeps her.

Next, Jason Gideon is teaching a class about the "Footpath Killer" when he is summoned to return to active duty. They fly to Seattle and meet with the Seattle FBI office. After carefully studying the crime scene, they give the profile which leads to the arrest of the other strangler.

The team, along with FBI agent Elle Greenaway, arrest Richard Slessman. Richard denies being the strangler. They repeatedly interview Slessman, who refuses to crack. They interview his grandmother, who gives them a lead. The lead turns out to have died.

Gideon and Elle talk to Vogel, who is an officer at Slessman's former prison. After they notice his car keys, they realize that he is the other strangler. They confront Slessman, who eventually confirms it and tells them Heather's location.

Gideon and Elle arrive at the shipyard and confront Vogel, who holds Heather as a human shield. Gideon starts to make fun of Vogel for allegedly having a small penis. Vogel shoots Gideon in the shoulder and is immediately shot dead by Elle. Heather returns to her family and Slessman is supposedly prosecuted for being an accomplice. At the end of the episode, Gideon meets the Footpath Killer.

That's a brief summary of the episode but before I sign off, let's talk about the Seattle Stranglers themselves. First is Timothy Vogel. Vogel became a prison guard as an adult to compensate for his inadequacy. According to Gideon, he had a small penis which made girls laugh at him. This supposedly caused him to become a sexually sadistic psychopath.

Richard Slessman was troubled from the beginning. He had little friends and was in and out of prison as an adult. He befriended Vogel and looked up to him and would do anything for him, including taking the fall. He was the submissive partner.

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