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41 Season 10 Episode:16

This was one of the best I think. It was very interesting and it really gets you at the edge of your sit. I loved this one also because it was very dramatic but good.

42 Season 2 Episode 11: Sex, Birth, Death

The character of Nathan is one of the most sensitive depictions I have ever seen on T.V.. Nathan suffers from his sexual fantasy of killing women and does not give in to it. That is a difference few people seem to understand, but it is an essential one. This is a psychologically complex character who is in constant fear of what he might do and searches for help, and who grows attached to Spencer Reid, who knows how it feels when you are afraid of your own actions - even if you have not done them yet. - Martin_Canine

43 Season 7 Episode 22: Profiling 101

I really like how they describe what they really do and how they do it in this episode and the drama with Rossie is intense!

44 Season 9 Episode 14: 200

Emily coming back was great.

I think this one is ranked just behind 100

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45 Season 6 Episode 8: Reflection of Desire

I think this is one of the creepiest episodes ever

46 Season 8 Episode 4: God Complex

Cutting legs of and sewing them back on onto someone else is just disturbing, nasty and deadly.

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