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1 Cold

Great song with a good music video that really suits the song. - EvilAngel

Really amazing song, well many songs of this band are amazing - Ananya

This song will get anyone into Crossfade. - NuMetalManiak

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2 So Far Away

My top three crossfade songs are Cold, Colors, and this one

3 Colors
4 Everything's Wrong
5 Already Gone
6 No Giving Up
7 Someday
8 Disco
9 Killing Me Inside
10 Breathing Slowly

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11 Lay Me Down

This song really hits me every time I listen to it

12 Invincible
13 The Deep End
14 Starless
15 Make Me a Believer
16 Prove You Wrong

This was the first song that I have ever listend to by these guys and it will always be my favorate because of that and that it has a great tune and I can't stop listening to it!

17 Washing the World Away
18 Suffocate
19 Dead Skin
20 Drown You Out

Dude how is this song not in the top ten

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1. Cold
2. Colors
3. Killing Me Inside
1. Cold
2. So Far Away
3. Colors
1. So Far Away
2. Cold
3. Lay Me Down

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