Best Crowded House Albums


The Top Ten

1 Together Alone
2 Crowded House

The top five are inseperable, they are all great albums, so I guess this could be 1st or 5th, as could any of these albums - JasperB

3 Temple of Low Men

Best album in my opinion, together alone comes close second. This is one of those underrated albums that grows on you the more you listen to it, it never gets old. None of Neil's songs get old; they're still just as good as ever!

4 Woodface
5 Intriguer
6 Farewell to the World
7 Recurring Dream, Best of Crowded House

This Best Of album had some classics, but missed out a few key tracks like Nails In My Feet - JasperB

8 Afterglow

Had some pretty good tracks that were better than some stuff off the best of like sacred cow and left hand but some stuff showed why this is a be sides album - JasperB

9 Special Edition Live Album
10 Time on Earth

I was pretty disapointed by this album; a few good tracks like don't stop now, say that again and silent house, but a bit of crap that shows why this is crowded houses worst studio album - JasperB

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