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1 The Fallout The Fallout Cover Art

The beat is badass, and the chorus is just awesome

This is the first one I ever heard from them.

Best crown the empire song ever!

One of my favorite songs ever

2 Johnny Ringo Johnny Ringo Cover Art

This song is just so amazing, and it is my all time favorite song of Crown The Empire.

I love the way the music is recorded, with good drums, Guitars, Bass, piano (the piano gives a really good effect to relate to the devil being tempting, and that kinda stuff) and the way that Andy and Dave sings this song I fantastically good when you refer to the text. The way they represent the Devil with him having a tempting voice, but a few times bursting out. And after a while the hatred from Johnny. This song I just so amazing, and I could keep on describing it!

And compared to this being their FIRST album, I think this song is very VERY well made!

This song is amazing, I don't know actually how to explain it's just sounds like the devil and God are fighting and I get so confused it's just amazing that a song can make me me feel this way

This was the very first song of theirs that got me into the band and even now after listening to all there music its still my favorite. The lyrics are amazing and the piano gets me every time.

Oh my god. Perfection is the only word I could ever use to describe this song...

3 Machines Machines Cover Art

Best song by far the meaning is so amazing definitely deserves number 1

This song should most definitely be #1!

Powerful message, great music line and amazing video to match with. This is their best song by far.

This is probably my favorite Crown the Empire song. It's so beautiful, the message is perfect and they're just overall a fantastic band. I like all of their music, but this one just grabs my attention a little more than the others.

4 Makeshift Chemistry Makeshift Chemistry Cover Art

Truly one of their best works. The chorus of "Operator is there anybody at all" is just too catchy

This song is the one that you can relate to the others have good meaning but this one is the best to relate to I think we have all felt like this at one point. I currently can't stop listening to it!

Just an awesome song I can relate to. It's just so amazing words can not describe

This is probably my favorite song! Love it

5 Memories of a Broken Heart Memories of a Broken Heart Cover Art

I stand on the ash of all I've ever loved. Memories os a broken heart. Now I'm alone in the dark.

This song is just perfect. The right blend of clean and unclean vocals, great guitars. Catchy and good lyrics.

One of those songs that you can replay over and over again and still love.

This song is just a great way to appreciate music and see perspectives of others

6 Voices Voices Cover Art

The first song I heard by them, such a good beat and it makes the lyrics so easy to hear/memorize

Andy has got growls to die for in this song love it

Amazing, melodic song!

So insane I always listen to this song it is amzing best song ever!

7 Millennia Millennia Cover Art

Beautiful clean song, Andrew's vocals are just beautiful, also a show of talent as to how Brent (Drums) Bennett and Brandon (guitars), and Hayden (bassist) can pull off any kind of instrument style.

This song belongs in the top ten at least everything just aligns so beautifully in this song from the drums to the vocals to the guitar and everything in between

This song by far has one of the best meanings. It is really deep. The vocals are amazing. I literally almost cried the first time I heard it

This song deserves to be way higher on the list! The meaning is amazing and it sounds so beautiful.

8 Johnny's Rebellion Johnny's Rebellion Cover Art

How is it possible for this to be an 8!? It's at least #2 but this is like basically my favorite song (and its hard for me to pick a favorite CTE song because they have so many great ones) so I think it would totally be #1 on my list, either that or Bloodline (which I have no idea why that's not even on this list)!

It's dissapointing that this is so far down the list, it should definitely be in the top ten, at least. It's such a good song, there's quite a bit of range compacted into one song. It also makes for an incredibly unnerving yet amazing ending to the story.

Really an amazingly detailed and dark addition to the Johnny trilogy.

The johnny trilogies have got to be just the most amazing thing!

9 Lead Me Out of the Dark Lead Me Out of the Dark Cover Art

Absolutely incredible, if anyone has any recomendations of similar songs, please leave them here

I'm surprised how I've grown on this song. Before, I thought it was a good song. The more I've listened to it, now I can safely say it's one of the most powerful songs I've ever heard. A lot of the things the song says are similar to what I'm experiencing right now. Love it.

This has got to be my favourite song in the whole world. The emotion, the melody, the lyrics. I don't think there's a single song out there that could replace this one...

To be honest I can listen to this song on repeat all day every day. If I wanna cry I listen to this.

10 Johnny's Revenge Johnny's Revenge Cover Art

If you're trying to sum up CTE's musical style in 2 words it'd be Second Thoughts. From the way the wonderfully done lyrics flow together, to the instruments perfectly tuned to the background music, It's just incredible how far crown the empire has come from writing songs like "The Glass Elevator (Walls)" (Still incredible song don't get me wrong) To writing a beautifully done song like second thoughts.

The circus like laughter in the beginning entrances me, I love this song and it fits Black Butler's plot so well. It should be higher on the list.

I can't under stand why its only 16th I love this song

Not 100% sure it'll go through but I accidentally put my second thoughts input here:/

The Contenders

11 Breaking Point Breaking Point Cover Art

That electronic part near the end and the breakdown at the end are pure gold

The breakdown is gold

It would be the best song of cron the empire

Its probabky jusy the things I do that make me vital for you.

12 Menace Menace Cover Art

A very good song from CTE.


13 Limitless Limitless Cover Art

Perfect. Lyrics are gold

This song is awesome. gets me pumped

14 Prisoners of War Prisoners of War Cover Art

Greatest Crown The Empire song. Not that the others are bad or whatever but this is definitely FABULOUS!

One of my favorites, its pretty dank

Love this song, is pure gold

Get it to the top 5!

15 Oh, Catastrophe Oh, Catastrophe Cover Art

This song is very dramatic, and works well with my mood usually, since I'm a very dramatic person. Very emotional too, as you can hear cracks in his voice.

Best short song I know other than Southern Constellations by Pierce the Veil.

I know its only like 2 minutes long but for a short song it is amazing!

16 Two's Too Many Two's Too Many Cover Art

Insanely catchy song

Love this song!


MY favorite IT'S AMAZING

17 Initiation Initiation Cover Art

Just heard this song and downloaded it instantly love it!

An amazing song by Crown The Empire! Please top five!

My first song I listen to its amazing

Uh yeah, this needs to be way higher!

18 MNSTR MNSTR Cover Art

Oh my god. This is the best song of Crown The Empire. All the others are good but this is great! Top 5!

Amazing song love Daves unclean vocals with Andy's! ♥

This song is perfect ❤️

19 Wake Me Up Wake Me Up Cover Art

My favorite songs by them, the lyrics are perfect and so is the song itself it should be higher in the ranks!

Best song by far.. I don't know how it's still here

I like the breakdowns in this song

Best song in my opinion

20 The One You Feed The One You Feed Cover Art

This is their #1 song! Best beat and powerful lyrics. This song demands to be heard! Should be way higher than a lame #22!

This song isn't even in the top 10? Listen to this song. Please.

This song is amazing why is it number 20?

This song is so amazing

21 Bloodline Bloodline Cover Art

Great songs from Crown The Empire! But Bloodlines is amazing! Top 5 yes!

This is such a great song! Definitely should be ranked higher

This song is my all time favorite song

22 Rise of the Runaways Rise of the Runaways Cover Art

How is this song not higher on the list? Andy and Dave's vocal duo in this song is great. The intro, the verses, the chorus, everything is amazing!

"We were not born the enemy! " Love this song it has to go to the top 5 at least top 10.

Awesome in every way

23 Evidence Evidence Cover Art

Awesome! It's hard to choose from so many good songs

Another great song sorely unappreciated

This is honestly one of their best songs

The lyrics are amazing the perfect blend of orchestrals and heavy metal. Andy and Dave perfectly pull of the Lyrics and it tells a beautiful story.

24 Hologram Hologram Cover Art

This the Song that I first heard of crown the empire and I was driven away... Then I became a huge fan of crown the empire.. please vote high it deserve it, if it was not because of thia song I would have never heard of crown the empire.. and also please whoever added the sample track please change it because it's not the hologram by crown the empire. Vote High

25 The Glass Elevator (Walls) The Glass Elevator (Walls) Cover Art

This hole song is the best to sniper in MW3 such an epic song and the end part, damn it's so awesome :D

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