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21 Rise of the Runaways

How is this song not higher on the list? Andy and Dave's vocal duo in this song is great. The intro, the verses, the chorus, everything is amazing!

"We were not born the enemy! " Love this song it has to go to the top 5 at least top 10.

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22 Children of Love
23 The One You Feed

This is their #1 song! Best beat and powerful lyrics. This song demands to be heard! Should be way higher than a lame #22!

This song isn't even in the top 10? Listen to this song. Please.

This song is amazing why is it number 20?

This song is so amazing

24 Satellites

This is probably the most underrated song in history. This song is gold.

This song gives me life. I don't know why it's so low on the list.

25 Hologram
26 The Glass Elevator (Walls)

This hole song is the best to sniper in MW3 such an epic song and the end part, damn it's so awesome :D

27 Payphone

Love it so mush, my favorite cover ever

28 Cross Our Bones
29 Maniacal Me

The resistance! Best album ever. Every song is amazing but this one. Is just fabulous. Top 5 or top 10!

Amazing song with Andrew and Dave's Vocals both incredible plus Hayden, Brent, Benn, and Brandon's contributions of musical beauty

30 Are You Coming with Me? V 1 Comment
31 The Phoenix Reborn

Starts out epic, ends epic that's all you need to know

32 Evidence

Another great song sorely unappreciated

This is honestly one of their best songs

The lyrics are amazing the perfect blend of orchestrals and heavy metal. Andy and Dave perfectly pull of the Lyrics and it tells a beautiful story.

33 Zero

This is amazing from the first second to the last! Best song of the new album in my opinion with lucky us

34 Second Thoughts
35 Graveyard Souls

How is this not in the listings?! The scream vocals are perfect

It is one of the best! The melody the lyrics the voice!

36 Move Like Jagger

Another great Maroon 5 cover

37 Burn
38 Kaleidoscope V 1 Comment
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