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61 Lazer
62 C&C
63 Crush Drums

Great drums nice sound to the especially with evans heads on them

64 Bro Creation
65 Groove Percussion
66 Brady

What is Brady doing at 55? I guess this is just a popularity contest not a quality contest... Brady drums are the bomb. Made in Western Australia from real trees!

The Brady Jarrah kits are killer

67 Ddrum

Why on Earth are they 48. my ddrum sounds a crap of a lot better than my dw

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68 Basix
69 Taye

The studio maple is the best sounding kit for the money and the hardware allows me to set up as never before with ultimate comfort and playability. the sliding double tom mount allows you to get your toms in a position so perfect that all my other 3 kits are hardly played anymore. so for quality, sound, ease of set up, and playability... NOTHING beats these drums, not even my SONOR, LUDWIG OR MAPEX KITS!

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