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1 The Rocky Horror Picture Show The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Saw it about 50 times when I was young during the 70's at the midnight show after partying all night. Great times were had. Miss them. Go Tim Curry. You made my teen and young adult years fun.

2 Office Space Office Space
3 A Clockwork Orange A Clockwork Orange

Muddled and slightly boring. Tries to be edgy but ends up just being pointless.

One of my all time favorites, and best of Kubrick. - Beatlesboy9

4 Fargo Fargo

Hey, I live right next to Fargo, and so maybe this makes me more partial to this film.

5 Reservoir Dogs Reservoir Dogs

This Is One Of My Favorite Movies - BeatlesFan1964

6 Clerks Clerks
7 The Evil Dead The Evil Dead
8 The Big Lebowski The Big Lebowski

This is by far the best cult movie of all time if not one of the best movies ever

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9 Dazed and Confused Dazed and Confused
10 This is Spinal Tap This is Spinal Tap

This should be #2 next to Rocky Horror

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11 Fight Club Fight Club

The best movie ever created! And the book is great too! Palahnuik is God!

12 Pulp Fiction Pulp Fiction
13 Caddyshack Caddyshack
14 Blade Runner Blade Runner

Harrison Ford in a brilliant, darkly futuristic thriller and it only gets one lousy percent here? - Dave0the0Suave

15 Yellow Submarine Yellow Submarine
16 The Room The Room
17 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
18 The Breakfast Club The Breakfast Club
19 Plan 9 From Outer Space Plan 9 From Outer Space
20 Evil Dead II Evil Dead II
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1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
2. The Room
3. Plan 9 From Outer Space
1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
2. This is Spinal Tap
3. A Clockwork Orange
1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
2. Yellow Submarine
3. Dark Star

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