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1 Time (Clock of the Heart)

I never really cared for anything else that they did, but this song is still awesome after 35 years. Not enough saxophone in today's music...

And they say Watch Dogs 2's soundtrack sucks :/ - Gehenna

Oh wait, wrong song, I was talking about Miss Me Blind. Either way, this song was scrapped from Grand Theft Auto IV's Vice City FM - Gehenna

I Love this song. Especially the instrumental mix

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2 Do You Really Want to Hurt Me

My mamas favorite.

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3 Karma Chameleon

Hard to believe this songs is #4

Its not about a chameleon. It's a love song

Who doesn´┐Ż't loves this amazing song about a chameleon?

Why doesn't this have a sample to listen to? Anyways we probably heard this on 107.77 The Mix ^^ - Gehenna

4 Church of the Poison Mind

My favorite song from the album Colour by Numbers

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5 I'll Tumble 4 Ya

Awesome 12" mix.

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6 Miss Me Blind

Great song. You have got to listen to miss me blind/it's a miracle 12" mix.

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7 Mistake No. 3

Such a great tune.

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8 The War Song

Such a great Ultimate Dance Mix.

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9 It's a Miracle UListen to Sample
10 Move Away

12"mix. Love it.

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11 The Crying Game

Best song Boy George ever made.

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12 That's the Way (I'm Only Trying to Help You) UListen to Sample
13 Black Money UListen to Sample
14 Victims UListen to Sample
15 Mister Man UListen to Sample
16 Stormkeeper UListen to Sample
17 Mannequin UListen to Sample
18 Dangerous Man UListen to Sample
19 I'm Afraid of Me UListen to Sample
20 Mystery Boy (Suntori Hot Whiskey Song) UListen to Sample
21 White Boy UListen to Sample
22 Take Control UListen to Sample
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1. Time (Clock of the Heart)
2. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
3. Church of the Poison Mind
1. Karma Chameleon
2. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
3. Time (Clock of the Heart)
1. Karma Chameleon
2. Time (Clock of the Heart)
3. I'll Tumble 4 Ya


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