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1 Indian Rupees

I am proud to be an Indian... I was born in developing country and am living in fast developing country and our next generation will be living in developed country.. That will be India. EVERYbody feel proud of your motherland.. India

Love it proud to be an Indian INR will one day overtake the dollar

India is great country because the India is more important and value than rupee. Every body live with love humanity. But other country have no time to thing to others.

India is an age old and well structured country with a strong psyche and a strong international diaspora that contributes to its internal economy with the highest foreign remittance in the world, and with the largest pool of young people in the world along with a bulging and ever growing middle class in the world as well, not forgetting it being the second largest populated and the largest democratic country in the world.

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2 Great British Pound

What is indian rupees on the top, there are weakass currency in the world. Britian has the best in the world

It's the oldest currency still used in the world today, and has had a massive impact on the world rule brittania!

It stood up to the euro and its british - what else is there to say. - ozzydog12

UK is small country but their currency is better that that massive USA dollar

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3 U.S. Dollar

A fiat currency backed by the power of the United States, and also the medium of global business. It deserves the #1 spot.

Indian Currency is one of the weakest in the World. There is no reason why Indian Rupees are put as the strongest currency. The United States has a very nice Economy and I'm happy to be an American. - GamerTag

Aye - BreakFastBeast2005

Because it's universal. also, I'm proud to be an american. - tropicaljay

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4 Australian Dollars

100 US Dollars Is 140 Australian Dollars. Its not the best currency in the world considering the USA isn't. - GamerTag

Just astounding, with the color and shine. Unbeatable

Our money notes have the best colour and waterproof.

It looks and feels nice and crisp; not only that but it is also much prettier than the American dollar and it is more noticeable.

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5 Kuwaiti Dinar

yes I think so.. because 1KD=3. 5 USD so hw about poundsterling nd euro? can it be to?

I think Kuwaiti dinar is the best currency of the world


I am an Indian but Kuwaiti dinar is just way too powerful! Love the INR too!

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6 Monopoly Money

I think this is awesome! I always use this currency to buy things and the shop keeper doesn't even care... How awesome is that?

I think everybody should be able to use monopoly money in real life because sooner or later money will finish and people will starve, so let's start now to use monopoly money as a world currency!

By doing this the whole world will be united because we will all have the same currency!

Credit cards should be replaced with monopoly credit card!
I'll do it someday and the whole world will know my name

The only currency around the globe that brings people together and let you have tons of joy with friends and family! Without a doubt the best.

I'd love to vote U.S. dollar and support my country but our money ain't so hot right now - awesomenessdefined

Only currency big enough in value to buy hotels & other blue chip properties in cold hard cash

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7 Turkish Lira

Because Turkish Lira and Turkey groving. Turkey is leader of Middile East and most of Europe.

Because Turkey is best country in Europe

Probably it will be one of the main currency of future

Because Turkey part of Europe and bridges between Europe and Asia

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8 Euro

This should be higher.
1) the Euro is worth more than the US dollar.
2) it's used in about 19 countries.
3) Instead of politicians, it has famous buildings/structures, making it pretty pretty. Also, American dollars all look the same, they have the same colour and you can't tell them apart.. - markusw0207

Euros are the best currency in the world the notes are so simple and pretty and the coins are also pretty. The good fact is that each country in Europe which is in the European Union has its own Euro "esign" so its nice to collect different ones!

The Euro is an amazing currency formed basically overnight and is now the third strongest currency in the world. In addition to that many countries use it and the countries that use it are the best countries in the world. There are many designs on the coins for each country (The United State's 50 state quarters are no match for these designs! )

27 countries having the same curency is awesome and pretty convenient if you travel around EU. In my opionion it's also one of the prettiest and best made money in the world.

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9 Canadian Dollars

The most aesthetically pleasing currency

It's to the point and useful.
Our currency beats out the States a lot of the time which is why we spend a lot of our money over there. In any case whenever you go to a foreign country the left-over currency, like the coins always make for a good souvenir.

Canada is best I love this country

Having "Loonies" and Toonies" rocks! - BKAllmighty

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10 Iraq Dinars

dinars is most valued currency in the world no one can shake it.

When they revalue it

The best Dinar in my collections waiting to explode

Iraqi Dinar is the next world most wanted currency due to the fact Iraq is very oil rich country and soon world would be heading for Iraqi dinars so they can buy oil ha ha ha that's the plan

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11 Japanese Yen

I respect the choice of the wonderful yen and personally love Japan. It is the greatest currency and hopefully will be spread round the world

Yen<dollar because Japanese are very nationalistic, harder cost of living but there are no beggars here because they are very industrious - ronluna

Better than the most overrated currency dollar - ronluna

They don't let government throw away their future. Common sense will tell you if you keep pouring
Water out of a bucket. Your going to run out of water. Ever well has limits. President Isinhower said when U.S. falls it will fall from within. Stupid anology, too simple
Concider the sorce. 9 trillion debt pay off the debt cap spending
If you don't do your job, you get fired. Not self appointed raises
You don't keep narrowing money when your in debt 😵

12 Hong Kong Dollars

Hong Kong is known all over the world, so let's vote cause lot of people went there for work and have the money... Went back to their countries and exchange their's with their own currency... It's a big help!

Besides its status as one of the leading international financial centers, this city, which is home to 7 million people, has one of the best living conditions in the world.

Hong Kong is an international financial center, and Hong Kong Dollars are exchanged in most of the financial center around the world.

Hong Kong Dollars of course. We pull more than our weight.

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13 Singapore Dollar

Best currency in southeast asia, better than ringgit, rupiah and baht - JINZ

Singapore 20 dollars note. One of the coolest note I have ever seen.

Most traded dollar in South East Asia baby

Don't get wet. Very cool design.

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14 Malaysian Ringgit

It should should happen

Currency rate will be increase in future.


It will become 1 :1 to USD in 2020

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15 Pakistani Rupee

It is the best currency in the dealing, and if you want to earn more you must stock money in Pak rupee

In shah Allah Pakistan prove its currency. I am proud on Pakistan

Pakistan is the greatest country with greatest currency who will be the number 1 country in the future. I am proud to be a Pakistani

It is my country and I love it

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16 Russian Ruble

I love Russia I think that's a big country and that must be the Russian ruble the best currency in the world

I agree about Russian.

It is not going to be long before Russia and the USA will be working together and be good friends it is a very strong military, very big, industereous, good brain, lotsw of oil that they could protect it too not like qatar, kwait, Bahrain, UAE that have to count on others to give them protection befor the protectionist fid some body else more atractive

17 Nepali Rupees

Currency with best design and best print. Its stylish look of NRs 50,100,500,1000 makes it worlds top beautiful currency. In the currency you can find various animals of rare group (endangered Species...

Nepali currency are well and vast decorated, has incredible designs. very beautiful

Beautiful, nature,

Best currency ever seen

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18 Philippine Peso

Philippine Peso is future one of the best in Asia, because its booming and fast growing economy that dominate the economy of entire Asia and the whole world. According to 2012 International Monetary Fund statistics, and is also one of the emerging markets in the world. The country is more abundant on Agricultural products transforming mainly into Manufacturing and Servicing that create more incomes.

Almost anywhere in the world you can find Filipinos. And all of them work hard to support their Philippine Peso.

Philippines have the good talent that gave by god so pilipinos lets be kind and good and get the better world thank you ladies and gentle men I hope philippines will go up

This only shows that we are starting to see some changes in our country. I hope we can achieve higher than this for the succeeding years. The only thing we need to do right now is to be part on the improvement of our economy enable for us to appreciate it. Mabuhay and Pilipinas!

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19 Swiss Franc

All currencies have lost to Swiss Franc

Agree best currency to invest into

The Franc is the currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein and it is also legal tender in the Italian exclave Campione d'Italia. The Swiss Franc is one of the most important reserve currency of the world!

20 Chinese Renminbi

China is booming up now, obviously. You can see an extremely overwhelmingly strong trend in its currency as well.I am pretty confident about what would this currency perform later on. Accordingly, Chinese RMB has appreciated against USD and EURO heaps during the past five years. On top of that, Chinese currency is significantly undervalued against what it should deserve, honestly speaking, and the market would adjust itself sooner or later, regardless of Chinese government's fierce control on the fixed exchange rate policy.

Chinese currency is the best

Chinese currency will likely be the most widely used in a few decades.

£1=10 yuan now I think it's time to invest in it, maybe only £50=500 yuan by this time next year you'll have 6,000 yuan and the Chinese yuan will be worth more I'd say the value would be £1=2-5 yuan. So you'd be doubling your money or even better.

Hong Kong dollar.
£1=12 dollars I'd say try and buy 5,000 worth of it and you'd probably double your money in 5 years!.

21 United Arab Emirates Dirham

It is a high. Take place in second position

UAE dirham qualities are finest and favourite.

Uae dirham cool currency

I Like only the currency of UAE because it's very pretty there are 8 notes but all notes are very pretty I like it very much...

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22 South African Rand

Rand is one of the very under rated currency in the world. South Africa is one of the developing country with strong financial services infrastructure and is considered as an economic powerhouse of Africa.

Rather take a long walk to a greater economy than sprint because a strong economy, that will stay strong forever, is not rashed but built one step at a time and that is what South Africa is doing. It currency might not be as the richest currency in the world for now but tomorrow it shall be.

Rand is doing very well at the moment

The Rand has never re valued since the Apathaid They have have strong natural resources other than gold. I look for this to rebound to a very strong world recognized currency

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23 New Zealand Dollar

My self MANZOOR AHMED. I Want to become a work in NZ

I am a aussy and I want chocolate

24 Polish zloty

The polish currency is a very strong one, you need only 2,50 for a US dollar and it is a growing economy.

Polish currency is the best $1 dollar is zł 3.57 polish zlotys and 1 EUR is 4.24 zł polish zlotys and $88 dollars is zł 314 and 108 EUR is zł 458 polish zlotys So Poland has the best economy and a very strong currency the best country way better than Latin America

25 Nigerian Naira

I am proud to be a Nigerian, a great nation by itself

Nigeria is one of the leading developing nations in the world today. People may not be aware of this but the dust will soon be cleared and everything will be obvious. Great Nigeria will soon rule the world. Viva Green Con3

Nigeria Currency is gradually increasing its value

I LOVE MY COUNTRY, We are one of the best

26 Mexican Peso

I'm so proud to be Mexican, and if you look into the current exchange rates it's a must have since in the mid term you will gain from the interest rate and peso appreciation.

Mexico is one of the largest and fastest growing developing country in the world. Best in Latin America. Proud to be a Mexican.

27 Sri Lankan Rupee

Emm don't know

Thanks for

i have it


28 Indonesian Rupiah

Love the Rupiah... many zero, and fluctuated significantly.. good for business and investment.

Indonesian rupiah (IDR) is awesome. I love it :D

29 Saudi Riyal

The riyal has been the currency of Saudi Arabia since the country came in to being and was the currency of Hejaz before Saudi Arabia was created. It gonna pick up soon

Saudi rial is best but Pakistani economy go down.

It is very good currency as compare to indian rupees

30 Norwegian Kroner

Deserves to be higher up this list!

A country with no debt, small population and lots of oil and the majority of the people are educated and speak
English. Their is no waste or corruption in this beautiful well run government.

31 Ghana Cedi

You even know that Ghana money if even better some of those money

Do you know I am an Indian and just because my roll no is 32 I am voting to this or else noo! way I would vote only for India
proud to be an Indian.

32 Iranian Rial

PEARSIANS, I'm one. The money is awesome and colorful. So yeah It shall be #1 because its just awesome. - floridiancat

Iran is a great country, our country is rich because we have oil but we don't have...,...

Because Iran is very rich not only in oil gas minerals. Also Iranian are the only country in middle east that like every thing about USA and USA wants Iranin people more than any other countries because of geopoletics and not starting wars for thosand of years and USA and IRAN going to be friends soon and it is avery big country

Best country in the not doubt...!

33 Bitcoin

The only currency not regulated by a government

Don't use it, but like the idea...

Yeah the goverment doesn't rule this money!

Bitcoin is the most powerful on this list, even more than gold. As of august 2017 1 bitcoin is 4500 USD! WTS it should be n1

34 South Korean Won
35 Egyptian Pound

I'm just voting because I'm Egyptian aye

36 Thai Baht



37 Tanzanian Shilling

Proudly a tanzanian... Being born in a country which was constantly dominated by colonialists am happy that we are doing our best to improve our economy and our country's currency value...

38 Ethiopian Birr

The country is one of the fastest growing country in the world and Birr is still one of strong currency in Africa.

I don't know about it, but I just like Ethiopia and the old Habsha

39 Azerbaijan Manat

Good currency soon gng to become richest country in petroleum

They are bigger than dollers

40 Brazilian Real

Brazil 7th best economic in the world
And 7th richest country in the world overtaken UK

41 North Korean Won

North Korea is best Korea. Won is best currency because it can't be lost. That why Great Leader so clever call it won. Also made of rice paper so make lovely soup when can't find grass seed and pigeon droppings. Not do that with rubbish dollar. Dollar soup taste like manky dog. Yuck. And I normally like manky dog soup.

North Korea won are best currants. No one else have won only North Korea can afford.

PS - wod you like adopt me? Don't phone house yes just shine torch tuesday night. I swim you.

Kim Jung un give me your dong I need Supreme dong!

But I not lika manky dog dollar soop. It is only one but taste manky doggy! ’

North kore curantty for life! I love currant of my county

42 Czech Republic Koruna
43 Dogecoin

Wow such currency many riches

To the moon!


Have u played DogeMiner I'm in mars!

Doge can to currency,no inflation,so great...much wow - CerealGuy

44 Gold Bar

The only one you can't wipe yourself with.

45 Danish Crowns
46 Bhutanese Ngultrum

Bhutanese currency is the most beautiful, which is rated equal to the indian rupee. The depiction on the money's face bears the ancient background of our cultural heritage.

47 Zimbabwean Dollar

The currency so damn damn damn strong! Lol - CerealGuy

This currency is daym strong.

Best currency in the world.
Imagine what you can buy on 1 zimbabwean dollar?
You can buy... Absolutely nothing! But it makes your live happier (what a great excuse)! - 7357

48 Maldivian Rufiyaa
49 Tunisian Dinar
50 Jordan HKJ

Its just awesome

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