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41 Brazilian Real

Brazil 7th best economic in the world
And 7th richest country in the world overtaken UK

42 North Korean Won

North Korea is best Korea. Won is best currency because it can't be lost. That why Great Leader so clever call it won. Also made of rice paper so make lovely soup when can't find grass seed and pigeon droppings. Not do that with rubbish dollar. Dollar soup taste like manky dog. Yuck. And I normally like manky dog soup.

North Korea won are best currants. No one else have won only North Korea can afford.

PS - wod you like adopt me? Don't phone house yes just shine torch tuesday night. I swim you.

43 Jordan HKJ V 1 Comment
44 Bhutanese Ngultrum

Bhutanese currency is the most beautiful, which is rated equal to the indian rupee. The depiction on the money's face bears the ancient background of our cultural heritage.

45 Czech Republic Koruna
46 Bahraini Dinar

I'm not from Bahrain but a Bahraini Dinar is a very strong currency.

V 2 Comments
47 Dogecoin

Wow such currency many riches

To the moon!

V 3 Comments
48 Maldivian Rufiyaa
49 Gold Bar

The only one you can't wipe yourself with.

V 1 Comment
50 Tunisian Dinar
51 Ukrainian Hryvnia V 3 Comments
52 New Taiwanese Dollar
53 Danish Crowns
54 Georgian Lari
55 Romanian Leu
56 Yemeni Rial
57 Lebanese Pound
58 Cambodian Riel

It is one us dollar is like 4000'Riel

59 Kazakh Tenge
60 Eritrean Nakfa V 1 Comment
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