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61 Eritrean Nakfa

1 USD isn't that much in nakfa

62 Afghan Afghani

I am proud to be an Afghan... I was born in developing country and am living in fast developing country and our next generation will be living in developed country.. That will be Afghanistan

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63 Isreali Shekels

What were the ancient merchants and money changers trading 2, 000 years ago? The Shekel. And it's still traded today. It will still be around tomorrow after the rest of the world is also turned into a desert.

Nice looking has a lot of colors and its worth it


Lā€™ Chaim = To life

64 Omani Rials

Omani rials strong currency in world

I love oman and sultan qaboos...

Oman is the 4th highest currency but its always weak against us dollar I just checked yesterday 1 Omani riyal=0.87us dollar

My name is Ayyub khan from india
I want to Come oman for working

65 Bangladeshi Taka

Bangladesh economy is rising really fast! They can now afford some new modern cars.

Bangladeshi note symbolizes some of the infrastructure, bird, mosque, bridge, village of the country. It shows how passionate and patriot we are. The 2tk note is already considered as the best in terms of design. We believe all of the notes are amazing.

Bangladesh has best economy... They have reformed its basic infrastructure in a good way. They are reforming hospitals, roads, public toilets, cars etc... We will reach to jupitor soon in our secret program... We will make missiles and sell them to US and China... We will rule cricket...

Very very good Bangladesh šŸ‡§šŸ‡©

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66 Armenian Dram
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