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21 The 'D' word for penis

This is so offensive to anyone named Richard.

It is also someone's first name... However some people are scared to say their own name because of it.. LOL

How was this not on here? Wow!

So if your name is Richard go by Rick. - Lucretia

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22 The 'T' word for Irish

What is wrong with being Irish I'm Irish its not a bad thing why make it bad

Jacksepticeye would not be proud

Tiag ting is a compliment, at least I think it means hero

More offensive than it's counterpart starting with the letter F. Its quite a nasty word to be called, it just sounds rougher and more degrading than the other word starting in F

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23 The 'D' word for idiot

Not a bad word

Dumb isn't a swear. DumbASS is my favorite swear though.

I like saying this word because most of the time they are Dumb ***es

That's not even effensive. - Lucretia

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24 The 'T' word for vagina

This word actually means friend.

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25 The 'S' word for being promiscuous

The 'S' word for sleeping around... Maybe more people will know what the word is now? I can't believe that the website has to be so careful not to have a bad word on it. Can't people be objective about it and just list the D word F wording words?

Anyway, at the time of posting this was listed below the D word for being unintelligent, which is definitely not where it belongs.

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26 The 'C' word for spermial fluids

Daddy is amazing

THIS SHOULD BE IN THE TOP 5 - venomouskillingmachine

HOW IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP 5! - venomouskillingmachine

C*m on feel the noize! Girls rock your boys! We'll get wild wild wild!

I'm sorry...

27 The 'R' word for special needs people

This word is nearly the same as calling someone disabled (so someone with a special order or a disability) the word is retard but when you call some one a retard you can also say "that person is retardED

When said about a person of special needs, it's simply descriptive. When said about someone without special needs, it can hurt. Save this one for when someone does something really unintelligent and it can be one of the most devastating 'curse' words out there.

This one is so disgusting and awful.

I got in trouble for calling the people in the house next to me that are actually mentally retarded mentally retarded. What was I supposed to say, they have a very low IQ? - Lucretia

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28 The 'K' word for Jews

Bad word for Jew

This is the worst word to call a Jewish person. Don't even try it. It ain't worth it.

Isn't it also bad to call Jewish people Jews as well - Bubbyboop


29 The 'G' word for Vietnamese

What's those it mean

Gook - SoldierOfFortune

30 The 'G' word for Irish

I don't know what this is. I don't know what half of these are. It's like a game: "Ladies and gentlemen, Name... That... SWEAR! "

Whats with messing with Irish people I'm Irish it ain't a bad thing

Screw Irish haters

31 The 'B' word for penis

Bed fun toy

Brick? - Lucretia

It’s boner - Leofeldman91

32 The 'K' word for blacks

Call a black guy this at our school and within a week him and his friends will get you back for saying that - Danielsun182

What is it? - Lucretia

33 The 'J' word for idiot.

LOL Not even a bad word. Jerk Jerk Jerk. - PizzaGuy

Jerk is not a swear.

Pizzaguy the word is Jackass - Bubbyboop

34 The 'S' Word for Latin Americans
35 The 'G' word for cursed

(Euphemism- Gosh darn) a billion times worse than every word on the list put together. The only word on this list that is a sin to say.

36 The 'C' word for poop

Not even a bad word - Cartermd

Crap isn't a swear word

Its not even fun to say - Lucretia

Not a swear - Bubbyboop

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37 The 'T' word for breasts

Kitty on a titty

So men are teasing women, right?

See any of dem fish tiddies

Things. - Lucretia

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38 The 'C' word for someone performing fellatio

Oh yes, my mom uses this a synonym for mouth. - Lucretia

What is fellatino, this doesn't mean I'm going to google it - Bubbyboop

39 The 'R' word for Mentally challenged people

This is already on here - To

That's kinda sad...

Terrible, hurtful, and most of all, an ass word to use

Oh my effing god this word means you are just a craphead for brains and you better stop bull or you'll seriously turn into real live bullcrap with nothing to live with but your crappy friends who used this word too and DO YOU WANT YOUR EFFING LIFE LIKE THAT?

40 The 'H' word for bad place

Hell isn't a swear word. - Lucretia


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