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41 The "P" word for Filipino

Really?! I'm Filipino, but this is ridiculous! - micoytancinco12

Hmm... Philips?!

42 The 'W' word for Italians

I have a lot of Italian in my blood, so I have heard of this word before. I also have Autism, so I have been called the R-word before at school.

43 The 'R' word for Native Americans

How is redskin offensive? - bobbythebrony

44 The 'K' word for Jew

This word is so bad its twice on the list - jbella9000

45 The 'G' word for Italians

If the guy's name is Guido, it's OK. To call an Italian guy that, it's rude.

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46 The 'W' word for Mexican

Wetback? My mom is Mexican, so she knows that. - Pegasister12

47 The 'D' word for Vietnamese

Come on, no rascism! Why was this list approved?! - HezarioSeth

48 The 'M' word for Irish V 2 Comments
49 The 'H' word for prostitute

Not REALLY a curse word I guess... so tempting to say. What the hell! there are worse things to call someone. AND REALLY HOES HAVE SOME DIGNITY.

I don't Evan know what this word means or how to say it I don't Evan know the what most of the words are

A hoe. Hoe hoe hoe hoe your Mommy's a hoe.

Begone thot - SoldierOfFortune

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50 The 'A'-pirate word


Aarr u sure this is a swear word - Bubbyboop

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