Best Cute Is What We Aim For Songs


The Top Ten

1 The Curse of Curves

So catchy you will sing this in your sleep

Love this, I don't really listen to this band but I love this song

2 Practice Makes Perfect

I really love this song. This song should be on no. 1..., I used to listen to this song back when I was on 8th grade. It's been a while since I last heard this, but it's still beautiful. Cute Is What We Aim For is awesome!

3 Newport Living
4 There's a Class for This
5 Risque

THIS SONG IS GREAT. I love the message, the lyrics, the beat, everything about it is perfect. It should be in the top three at least.

I love this song it's so great and it makes me feel good and you can relate to it a lot as well! Shaant's voice is just amazing.

This song is just amazing! It really makes me want to sway and sing along! A perfect song for those long car journeys!

This song is the best song ever okay I don't know why its not number one, seriously you people are stupid.

6 The Fourth Drink Instinct
7 Lyrical Lies
8 Teasing to Please (Left Side, Strong Side)
9 Sweat the Battle Before the Battle Sweats You
10 Time

The Contenders

11 I Put the 'Metro' in Metronome
12 Loser

"A loser can win whenever they want to all that they gotta do is bring you down! "
I love this song! Should be top ten.

Probably their most underrated song.
SO catchy and uplifting! :3 Why isn't this higher?

13 Moan
14 Doctor
15 The Lock Down Denial

Their best and most catchy tune! Was surprised when I didn't see it on the list!

16 Marriage to Millions

This song literally rocks! There best song! Good lyrics and it's so catchy!

17 Navigate Me
18 Hollywood
19 Hipbones and Microphones
20 Miss Sobriety

I love the lyrics: this guys are good

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