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41 Erik Zabel

Won a record six green Jerseys in the tour

42 Laurent Fignon

An amazing cyclist who's career was dogged by injury but when he was on form he was the best by far. He was the personafication of the word Panache.

A great cyclist and ferce competitor. Two time Tour winner Lost a third Tour to Greg Lemond by 8 seconds on the last day time trial. Closest finish in Tour the France history. Terrible sportsman with a vile temper. - Los66g

Double tour winner and beat Hinault easily in 1984

43 Louison Bobet

First person to win 3 consecutive tour titles

44 Tejay Van Garderen

He is a savage. - kevinpedro

45 Bradley Wiggins

I don't think he is the best overall but but his diverse ability on the road and track has to put him up there even if he wont be remembered as one of the greats

Bradley has just got the hour record which means he has beat everyone who attempted it so he is the best rider ever!

First brit to win the tour de France olympic time trail champion he's brilliant

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46 Alexandre Vinokourov V 1 Comment
47 Ryszard Szurkowski
48 Peter Velits
49 Hennie Kuiper V 1 Comment
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