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21 Dynamic

Good looking cymbals, nice sounds, fantastic bang-for-buck. High end lines compete with brand names for a fraction of the price. Definitely worth checking out if you're on a tight budget.

I have nothing but great things to say about these cymbals. Awesome look, amazing sound, and longevity beyond belief. This brand will not let you down.

Good price, great sound, no cracks or marks after some heavy playing, I have the constellation crash

Great value! B20 lines are great!

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22 Saluda

Unless you are sponsored, don't waste your money on the top 4. you get more than enough in the Saluda Cymbal lines of cymbals. Also the best customer service out there, if you don't like the sound, send it back and they will try to fix it, if they can't they will hammer you a complete new cymbal. Plus lifetime warranty on cracks less than 1 inch! Send it back and they will replace it!

Custom made to the sounds you're looking for with a trade in program.

Great Cymbals, I Own the 17" Medium crash and the 18" Medium Crash/Ride, hand made and sexy as hell. They have so many Choices and also Partner with a couple other companys so you can buy your stands along with your Cymbals!

I havn�'t played much on high end cymbals, but listened a lot in studio. My Saluda sounds so much greater than most of the cymbals when recorded. I play 14" Glory(dark) hihat medium thin, Earthwork 18" crash, 19" Glory (dark) crash. 22" Symbolic Crash / Ride. 20" Symbolic China.
Great personal service, bad website.

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23 Sonor
24 Fernando V 1 Comment
25 Agazarian

They sound badass for the price you can compare it to a 2010 paiste

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26 Zion

I bought their Fury crashes last month and was really blown away. The crashes were very responsive and explosive. It was exactly what I wanted as far as sound and character. My next few cymbals will be their Legend line that look rich and dark. I heard the Legends in a video and they are sweet.

Eric Moore and Nate Robinson (Lecrae's Drummer) play these. I heard them at some big concerts and they cut really nice. This brand is on its way to the top.

Incredible quality and unmatched sound. Beyond satisfied

They have a huge artist roster of heavy hitters in the drum industry. Great sounding cymbals for sure! I switched from Sabian and Meinl, to Zion. Better quality with great warranty!

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27 Agean

I have one ride and two Agean crashes. They really sound pretty good.

The best cymbals I have seen so far

Great cymbals at great prices.

They produce great sounding cymbals with B.25 alloy

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28 Istanbul Pera

Handmade Turkish cymbals with amazing sound. After playing it I impressed with its quality. They will be really big in few years.

29 Exodus

The ultimate quality of Exodus Cymbals Surpasses all others brands I've worked with. Each of their TEN different cymbal variations, offer unique tonal qualities that seperates Exodus Cymbals from all others, creating a individual class of its own. As a drummer, I've found that the distinct sounds I can elicit from my exodus cymbals - continually blows my mind. Its subtle, clear, and true.

This quite new brand is high end all over. Every series is balanced for its type of music. Exodus uses B25 bronze. Great sound!

Exodus is an awesome brand. This company will be on top soon for sure. Exodus Cymbals rules. I'm very happy with my cymbals.

No doubt. Exodus are the best

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30 Ottoman
31 Camber

I have a 14 inch hi hat pair a 16:18 inch crashes and 20 inch ride they are terrible

32 Hammerax

These are amazing cymbals

Innovation in sound, and made in the USA

33 Heartbeat Cymbals

Amazing cymbals! I have yet to hear a cymbal that sounds better than the heartbeat 20" custom light ride.

Newer Company with some Excellent Cymbals!

Handmade B20 cymbals with amazing quality and service. They blend into a mix incredibly well!
That is probably why they are being used by most big name worship artists!

Awesome Handcrafted Cymbals from Turkey. The Customer service is awesome.
They also sell direct and through
And have a ministry discount

34 Symrna
35 Istanbul
36 Ozimar

I've heard then very often but never owned one, I see they're durable

37 Diril Cymbals

Very great price, just like many others hammered to perfection. This brand was established by a worker for zildjian went solo. Expect these to become big later on and costlier so get it while the brand is growing!

38 R. Spizzichino V 1 Comment
39 T-Cymbals

Great cymbals in all aspects

Best cymbals in their price

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