Zildjian is one of the pioneers in cymbal manufacturing and has the experience to go with it. As a guy here said, "400 years of legacy". They could work on more entry level cymbals, but their high-end cymbals are legendary. They also have a huge selection of cymbals for all genres. They can be quite heavy on your pocket. However, the sound is well worth the price. I'm saying this based on experience. The cymbals I've been playing for the first 3 years of drumming sounded dead to me. When I heard some Zildjians, I knew I just had to get them. They have such good control, but don't sound too dead. The overtones complement your stick sound. Just impeccable manufacturing with the traditional Turkish cymbal grit which makes me love Zildjian all the more for that natural sound.

35 years of playing. Jazz, Funk, Rock and especially Metal... Many cymbals have good sound, and serve a good purpose. I've used nearly all the top brands. But, Zildjian has kept my repeat business, and won my loyalty. From sound quality to durability, Zildjian cymbals are, hands-down, the best on the market. And yes, you do get what you pay for. Pay more, receive more. Wise investment. To be fair, there are 3 other cymbals I would use, with pride, if needed. But, so far, need hasn't required it. My Zildjians have been there like a true friend. To each their own. But for me, and the professionals I play and record with (27 CD's and counting).. as a professional drummer, I choose Zildjian

thay are high priced for a reson thay are the best I could see if you said sabian though to

Well, I guess my whole life depending on these cynbals, I started drumming in 1948, that's when I was 5 years old, ny dad bought my first zildjian crash cymbal when I was 9, it sounds amazing. I can't really remember what's it called, but I still have it in my private drum museum, it's pretty much half broken and all rusty, but it's a history of zildjian company's early life. Anyway, zildjian is every drummer's must have

Zildjian the Best cymbal haha if you wanna pay for an overpriced cymbal made from bronze produced for them by another company, that is then made by a machine, then go right to it. Personally I will support a company that makes all there bronze in-house and a company that that only makes 100% completely hand-made hand-hammered cymbals. I feel sorry for all these kids that are missing out, due to been swept up into the big old Zildjian/sabian/paiste marketing machine. Turkish Cymbals all the way, fuller, richer, more musical, and usually cheaper!

I remember the first time I heard Zildjian cymbals. I was 11 years old and at my first drum lesson. My teacher had cheap beginner ZBTs on his set, but they were all I needed to hear to know that Zildjian would become a part of my life. I finally have my own set of ZBTs, which have the new logo and finish, and contrary to popular opinion, sound and look great and I have given them some severe beatings but they are still in great shape. I am currently saving up for some A customs, and I will not be able to rest until I get them. I heard a story that the first member of the Zildjian family to go into cymbal making was an alchemist in 1623. He was trying make gold out of copper and bronze, but he started something that even better, which were the first Zildjian cymbals. The first endorser was the King Of Italy. He may not have created actual gold, but he created a truly golden sound and quality that cannot be matched. There are many other fantastic cymbal brands out there, don't get me ...more

This has the most amazing sounds I dreamed to get one of these when I was a child. Zildjian cymbals can give a sound that can never be given by others. You can hear a real wooshing in your ears ones you beat one of these.

Zildjian is the best, this is what I know... ! The sound quality and the looks are just awesome! I just love the way high-hat sounds! So drummers please prefer ZILDJIAN

The best cymbals ever! I have got them on every cymbal I have and they are awesome. They are the best for rock songs. They are in my top ten cymbals. So I think that they sould be number 1 because of the best sound that they make. Does anybody agree with me? I am 11 years old and I have been drumming for 2 years and they have been great.

I've been using Zildjian for nearly 40 years now. In all that time I've only cracked one set of hi-hat cymbals. I've gone through some splash cymbals, but even that takes time. I like the A line the best.

The first time I've use Zildjian cymbals was my first battle of the bands.. Men It was AWESOME... Nothing to compare with Zildjian! DAMN GOOD!

I'm torn between Zildjian and Sabian, but I always come back to Zildjian for that quintessential, classic cymbal sound. My collection is pretty evened-up with the Zildjian brothers with two Paistes thrown in for contrast, but nothing delivers that pure rock sound and are more versatile than Zildjian A's. Zildjians are the standard that everyone else compares themselves to and aspires to be. You'll hear it: We're better than Zildjian; we're darker than Zildjian; we're on more of the cutting edge than Zildjian, etc., etc., etc. And, they may be...but who owns that sound everyone wants? Zildjian.

Best cymbals in the world, been using them for five years now. They have a unique texture and sound like no other

What can I say? Zildjian has been making cymbals forever. I've played lots of different pies, but the ones on my kit are Zildjian.

you can not get better then zildjian

One of The best. I have a zildijian armand series hi hat- amazing sound and quality. There cymbals, are amazing

I own a Zildjian 18" K Custom Crash hammered finish. It adds a dimension to my overall sound that is truly complementary. It is paired ith a Zildjian 21" Sweet Ride and a pair of 14" Zildjian New Beat hats. With 48 years of drumming experience behind me, I can honestly say, no upgrades are nessesary. The type of stick makes a noticeable difference on these cymbals too. I'm using Bopworks 8D Art Blakey model. I'm happy with the sound and get compliments on the musicality of my playing from band members, other drummers and audience members.

THANKS Zildjian!

When I asked someone what cymbals do you use, they definitely answered me Zildjian within 1 sec

I have a Zildjian A medium ride 20". It sounds amazing. Zildjian has always been a great company.

I've been playing zildjian for 27 years they are the rest of my family.

I really like Zildjian cymbals because they sound and look awesome. I JUST LOVE ZILDJIAN!

Its the best. I have a few zildjian cymbols and they are awesome!

I'm Saving up to get a Sweet Ride 21''.

They are also very easy to play being that you don't really feel the force in your hands