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41 Short Circuit

Definitely one of my favorites from Discovery, the ending just slowly deteriorates into a static. Even if it is short, it still is great for the time it is in.

One of my favourites to listen to. I love how the song sounds like a synthesizer having a seizure, until it slowly corrupts into a digital mess. It's absolutely delightful, but at the same time, relaxing as it corrupts.

42 Alive

The best song by daft punk is rated this low?

The 1997 live concert was amazing. Also the song Alive, was amazing as well. - EastZombie

Come on guys! This song rocks!

Sounds so monotone but so aweSome

43 Human / Together / One More Time / Music Sounds Better with You / Stardust

This was one way to end a perfect live concert. - EastZombie

The encore for Alive 2007... was perfect.

44 Starboy

One of the best collaborations I have ever listened to. - EastZombie

Awesome song. Should be at a better position

Best song of Weeknd as well as Daft Punk.

Daft Punk should get credit here. Their production turned an ordinary rap about having more cars, money and bitches than you into one of the deepest songs in the Weeknd's discography. Just some ha's can make a 180 - degree out of a song. - PhenomentalOne

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45 I Feel It Coming

Better than Starboy - PhenomentalOne


46 Superheroes


47 Oh Yeah
48 The Game of Love

Why so low it must be in top 20 at least

An absolutely divine song!

The 2nd best song from the robots (behind Something About Us, FYI). - PhenomentalOne

49 Stronger

The best job of daft punk, how we said in brazil "FODA"

I don't really consider this a DP song but oh well - EastZombie

I LOVE this song, can't get enough of it. It is like harder better faster stronger but different and to top it all of Kanye west is in it.

Here is my top 5:

5. Reveloution 909
4. The original harder better faster stronger
3. Around the world
2. The funk
1. STRONGER... or stronger

50 Burnin'

Why do low! Best of all. Best video!

51 The Game Has Changed

Why is this not higher? This is one of the most epic tunes I've ever heard in my life!

Best song from the soundtrack right behind Derezzed. - EastZombie

52 Rock 'n Roll

Seriously why is this at 37? When I listen to this song I just feel overwhelmed, it's amazing...

53 Emotion

As repetitive and pretentious as it might look, this is one of the most addicting, relaxing songs by Daft Punk. It's tone, simplisity and repetiveness forge a false but relaxing sense of human emotion.

While other people like Justin Bieber try to say their emotions with multiple words, it usually doesn't end too well. However, DP can express the same feelings JB tries to express, with one catchy tune and the simplest of words


Frikin' beautiful - EastZombie

54 Solar Sailor
55 Tron Legacy (End Titles)

Truly epic in its combination of other tracks from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack and a killer lead synth!

56 King of My Castle

It is sad how no one cares about this song.

57 High Life

One of the weirder samples on the album, but really catchy. - EastZombie

58 Fresh

The crashing waves and synthesizer at the beginning open the song into a masterpiece should be in top 10

Title perfectly describes this track. Funky FRESH! - EastZombie

59 Indo Silver Club
60 Veridis Quo

Best song ever, so peaceful, it just feels like you're traveling the cosmos particularly from 2:16 and onward! A sheer masterpiece blooming by its minimalism. A shining star, a comet, an entire galaxy was discovered by Daft Punk in 2001, not the mention the meaning of the song Veridis Quo (where truth is found) -> Very Disco -> Disco Very. I haven't found a song that could be compared to this Jewel.

A slow song when it's a rainy night

This tune is so old skool I love the sound so chilled has to move up this list!

So peaceful, so amazing.
One of Daft Punk's best songs by date! - EastZombie

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