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61 On/Off

Short, but I guess it's cool. - EastZombie

62 Doin' It Right

It should be in top20 at least...

#30? This song should definitely be in the top 10. what?

Great song. Love the beat, and having the dude from Animal Collective singing in it gives it a vibe different than other Daft Punk songs.
I really like it. I'm surprised it's not higher up on the list.

P Bear's vocals though,... just pure gold. - EastZombie

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63 Assault
64 Oh Yeah
65 Computerized
66 Burnin' / Too Long

The best live song in the universe

67 Adagio for Tron
68 Nocturne
69 Face to Face / Short Circuit

Nice mix of 2 outstanding songs by the musical House duos. - EastZombie

70 Nightvision

Honestly a very mellow song that really gives a nostalgic feel, really good for contemplating life or falling asleep. No idea how its not higher

71 Funk Ad

It may only be the Funk backwards, but still really memorizing. - EastZombie

The all time best song love it!

72 The Son of Flynn
73 Drive 1994

Unreleased gorgeous little piece of sh! t. Love it. - EastZombie

74 Superheroes / Human After All / Rock N Roll
75 WDPK 837 FM V 1 Comment
76 Steam Machine
77 Overture
78 Outlands
79 Encom Part 2
80 Phoenix
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