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61 The Circle
62 Big Bang Theory

Massively underrated in my opinion

63 Drive 1994

Unreleased gorgeous little piece of sh! t. Love it. - EastZombie

64 Forget About the World

My favourite song ever. It is simply less known than the top 10.

65 Rollin' & Scratchin'
66 Horizon

Extremely underrated song, makes you find peace. In two words, great music...

67 Gust of Wind

I mean this is one of the best songs of daft punk,it should be in top 3

68 Adagio for Tron
69 Nocturne
70 Face to Face / Short Circuit

Nice mix of 2 outstanding songs by the musical House duos. - EastZombie

71 Nightvision

Honestly a very mellow song that really gives a nostalgic feel, really good for contemplating life or falling asleep. No idea how its not higher

72 Funk Ad

It may only be the Funk backwards, but still really memorizing. - EastZombie

The all time best song love it!

73 The Son of Flynn
74 Superheroes / Human After All / Rock N Roll
75 Steam Machine
76 Overture
77 Outlands
78 Encom Part 2
79 Phoenix
80 Chord Memory

Really nice remix and sample - EastZombie

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