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1 Chloe Lukasiak Chloe Lukasiak Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak is an American dancer, television personality, actress and model. She is best known for being an original cast member of Lifetime's reality television series Dance Moms during Season 1 through Season 4.

She clearly has the best technique when it comes to most styles of dance and that is no easy feat especially because she does not have the support of her dance teacher! Not to mention when she dances it truly comes from the heart. I know Maddie gets that complement all the time but she always has a plastic smile on her face so obviously not... But back to Chloe she has so much God given talent but she gets overlooked by Abby due to her mother's outlandish behavior, and we all know "overlooked" means crappy choreography, less privates, and more personal attacks. Unfortunately that makes poor Chloe nervous so she over thinks the choreo. And doesn't do as well. But despite all of that she somehow manages to persevere and win (albeit not as much as she deserves to)! She will go far! She's used to being disparaged and talked down to unlike Maddie and the coping skills she's learning now will help her when she begins to dance professionally! I love Chloe she is the best by a long shot!

I think Chloe is a great dancer. She should have so much more credit than what she gets. But when you look at it Maddie always has the same emotion execution (nothing changes). I enjoy watching Chloe dance despite her being bad in acro and gymnastics. Any who, just because her mom sticks up for other people does not mean that she (Chloe) should be degraded or up graded. But just Abby should not rip up her hopes and her dreams and not to mention the way she rips out her self esteem (sorry I go to French school I make lots of mistakes don't judge) it does not help when you rip up a child's self esteem. So when Chloe gets negative comments, she mostly rises up to the occasion. And her technique is close to flawless (she's not a fully grown dancer so she needs more knowledge) every single time she kills it on stage. I personally think that Abby is testing Chloe and loves and knows how well she dances after experience with negative comments she takes that emotion and puts it in her ...more

Chloe is a wonderful dancer. Despite the fact that she is constantly being berated by Abby, Chloe dances beautifully. If Abby would just give Chloe the same attention as she does to Maddie. Not that I have anything against Maddie. She is a great dancer and a very nice girl. But anyways, if Abby would even care half as much about Chloe as she would Maddie, then maybe Chloe would have a chance to win more. I like Chloe more than the other girls not just for her dancing, but for her personality. Don't get me wrong, all the other girls are very nice and sweet. But Chloe (in my eyes at least) is by far the best. She is always being put down and berated by Abby. But she always rises to the occasion. What makes me so frustrated is how Abby just overlooks Chloe (and all th other girls) and has tunnel vision for only Maddie. Yes, I realize Maddie is a great dancer, she's always ready, makes the corrections, etc. But how can you expect the other girls to get better if the only one you give your ...more

Chloe was the sweetest little girl on the show and always will be! No offense to other girls but it's true! Chloe also has good technique and can do about anything as good as Maddie! Like that time when she had to do hip hop against Maddie who is doing one of her best styles tap! She placed fourth with a hip hop solo a thing she never did as a solo before! Has anyone else noticed she has never talked back to Abby before?! Like I said earlier the other girls are just as sweet and their moms have taught them well, but most have them have talked back to them at least once! LOL! I didn't mean to make this so long, so I'm going to stop here! Chloe is the sweetest!

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2 Madison "Maddie" Ziegler

I love Maddie, she is my favorite dancer. I also think she is given the wrong reputation as a spoiled brat who gets all the attention. It is not her fault that Abby favors her and gives her more solos. But everyone says it is. Plus, I give her credit. It must be hard to focus on dancing when every 10 seconds big-nosed Christie says something mean about her or her mom. I mean she is 9, at least talk about her when she is out of the room. So I think Maddie should do what she always does, IGNORE WHAT EVERYONE SAYS AND JUST KEEP WINNING!

Maddie is by far the greatest dancer on Dance Moms. In my opinion, she is superior to all of the dancers on the show, including Chloe. She is sweet, caring, kind, and always extremely humble. If there is even the slightest idea that she is snobby or rude, it's because of the editing on this show. I also think that Christi is constantly antagonizing Maddie and her mother, no matter what the situation is. It's clearly obvious that Christi is extremely jealous of Maddie, and the relationships that her mother has with Abby. It really shows that Maddie gets the opportunities that she has because SHE deserves them. She didn't get features in Sia's Chandelier because of Abby. She got it because it was clear to Sia that Maddie is the best dancer, and tweeted Maddie herself to get her to perform in the video.

I can't believe people don't think she is the best. There is one show where maddie does two performances in one day and then wins crowns in both of them. How can she not be the best. She also uses her facial expressions which makes the whole dance more dramatic and beautiful. Maddie can adapt to most dances as soon as you teach it to her. I think the order should be: Maddie, Chloe, Kendall for first, second and third. Another reason why Maddie is the best dancer is because she puts on a show. When Maddie dances everybody watches she puts all of herself in the dance without holding anything back. Maddie is the kind of girl that will become a star someday. Everybody thinks that Maddie is bratty. Maybe she can be but the show is pointing out her bad moments and never focusing on the good. If they show episodes where Maddie is on her best behavior I'm sure people would think she's the best.

The show makes her looks like a spoilt brat but she's a sweet and humble girl. The way she dance is very unique and has a God given talent. She knows how to put all her emotions into her dances and tells a story in a very young age. There are always someone who has a better technique but it's hard to find a dancer that can tell a story. The moms (especially Christi and Kelly) never gives her any credit. They always said that Maddie gets more privates, why don't they sign up more privates for their own daughters than? Why can't she be the hardworking kids? Although she is Abby's favourite, she's very hardworking and has a great passion in dance. I don't think anyone in dance moms can pull off Sia's music video Chandelier other than Maddie. She really deserves the opportunities and attentions she has and not get so much hate. The show is very edited and made her looks really bad and make other girls looks like a victim. She is born to become a star. In my opinion, she made Abby a ...more

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3 Kendall Vertes Kendall Vertes

Kendall is a well-rounded dancer. She can do practically anything, even though she doesn't specialize in only one thing (Maddie-Lyrical, Chloe-Contemporary). Kendall is also really misunderstood, she's not the one who looks on jealously at her teammates when they get a solo, she cheers them on. She doesn't let all the hate faze her, and confronts the haters with a smile on her face. Go Kendall!

Kendall is a wonderful dancer spite what everyone thinks. Everyone is calling her out for speaking her mind and they don't get that's she is just saying the truth, in my opinion. But anyway, she is a flawless dancer, has amazing turns, she is an amazing singer, she now has her own clothing line, and a lot more. And everyone is saying she is copying Maddie (with her clothing line)... she isn't, she had the opportunity to make one, if someone had that opportunity, I am sure they would take the same thing. And even though she isn't going to be a professional dancer in the future, she is going to be doing great things on screen, with her clothing line, etc. Some of the reasons on why I love her is because she doesn't think she is better than everyone else, she doesn't think she deserves this and that, and she doesn't have that snotty look that some of the other girls have. Everyone that loves her and know who she is, know she will do even better things in the future than what she is doing ...more

Kendall is just really awesome. She is the best 13 years old in the team, and is truly talented. She is funny, beautiful, patient, and flexible. She didn't even mind when Brynn just waltzed in and snatched the opportunity to be the 'New Maddie' as Abby's favourite right out of Kendall's hands after waiting for like, 6 years. She's also full of energy when she dances, and her even though her facial expressions are not as good as Maddie's, she's a close second place. Her solos are always amazing and I feel like she should be on top of the pyramids more. Abby focused on Maddie so much that when she and Mackenzie left, she realised that there are still so many talented dancers right under her nose like Kendall, Nia, Kalani, Jojo,... that she didn't spend as much time with. Kendall is okay with losing and is never a sour loser, like Maddie sometimes. I guess Chloe and Kendall has this in common, but they are both very calm. Even though Kendall sometimes makes a fuss out of her hair, or her ...more

For some reason I just really like Kendall because she's nice, pretty, and a really great dancer. When I'm watching dance moms I'm really just watching for her and if you don't love her as much as I do you can listen to these reasons, gin saying to myself WOW your really good at what you do and actually I'm really getting sick of just hearing about maddie it's maddie this and maddie that but all I want to care about is just Kendall and all I want to say about her is she's a really great dancer

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4 Paige Hyland

She beautiful

Paige doesn't have any support from her dance teacher gets screamed at 24/7 and is always at the bottom of the pyrimaid with her sis Brooke. She is so athletic and pretty but gets treated poorly. She is nice to everyone! I also like client but she's 1st. In my opinion Maddie is stuck up and is the favorite to miss Abby. She literally cries when she doesn't get a solo or when she doesn't win. GO PAIGE!

Paige could have been a mini runway or swimsuit model. She had the face, body lines, tan etc to do it - boce

Paige is not the most technical dancer, but she is the most physically attractive. I think she was on the show for her looks, eye candy. She showed more skin than any of the dancers on the show. When young she could have walked the runway (in bikini) as a young teen model. She had the face, and body lines for it. - boce

Paige is a beautiful talented performer and gets hardly any attention. Paige gets choreography that abby spends no time on at all she most likely throws it together during Maddie's private. Paige's personality is so energetic! I love seeing her laugh and smile and wish that she could be doing that at dance. I wish I could just punch abby in the face! I love you paige! Your my favorite.

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5 Brooke Hyland

Brooke is right up there with Maddie in my opinion. She clearly has a natural talent and makes it look so incredibly easy. There is a fluidity about her performances that only her and Maddie show, making them stand out as incredible dancers. I feel that Brooke didn't get enough credit for being as good as she was but I also feel that the way the show presents Kelly's daughters' made it look like Brooke was not competent at all which is clearly not the case. Brooke and Maddie generally took turns to be the dancer with the special part in the group routine. If Abby had spent the time with Brooke that she does with Maddie, then Brooke would definitely be on par with or above Maddie. I know that all the mums say that about their daughters but I genuinely believe it about Brooke. There's something special about certain dancers. You can tell that they were born to dance, because when they do you can't take your eyes off of them, they look more natural dancing than they do doing anything ...more

Brooke is awesome! In my opinion Maddie should be first and Brooke should be second! - Cheer4ever

She is a very good a flexibility and does her best all the time. Every week she goes to dance and deals with Abby screaming at her, her mom, and her sister. Abby use needs to stop calling her lazy she tries her best.

Brooke is awesome! If Abby gave her more attention and if she would give her more credit for her solos, she would always be the big winner!

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6 Nia Frazier

Nia has no choice: she's exceptional. There is no choreographer, director, producer, parent, teacher, boss, etc. that who would not jump at the chance to work with this young lady. Charming, versatile, effervescent, and diligently committed, Nia is the kind of person you want on your team. What she lacks in natural ability will quickly be eclipsed by that fierce determination to become a truly great dancer and what's more, to make her teammates great as well.

Nia is very talented. She has those things she excels at and the things she has to work harder toward (so does everyone else) I love watching her dance. She has so much energy. She may not be technically the best dancer but the passion she has is makes her the best dancer in my opinion she get better each and every week and she has her ups and downs bit she is very talented

I love nia! She does not get much credit but she is a lovely dancer and I think that she should be given a chance to have solos more often

I love Nia. She just doesn't cry all the time. She always puts on a brave face. The only time she cries is when she is injured or is so stressed. But when she is a little stress she always tries to calm herself down. She always is turned away jobs because Abby only wants certain girls to have them. Nia has been there for awhile and is very loyal to the team. She is a beautiful dancer and would be the next big star in hollywood. Her mom Holly is my favorite because she always stands up for Nia. Holly will push nia as far as Nia wants to go and doesn't stress her child out. Also Holly is there for all the girls. A lot of time the moms are there only for there kid in the group dance and there kids solo.

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7 Mackenzie Ziegler Mackenzie Ziegler Mackenzie Ziegler is an American dancer, singer, actress and model. She is the younger sister of dancer and actress Maddie Ziegler and is best known for appearing for six years on Lifetime's reality dance show Dance Moms.

Mackenzie Ziegler is an amazing acrobatic dancer! She is very talented and even though she didn't do very good during the first season, she really improved during the second season. She wins first place during a lot of her solos, and she is very flexible. And shes only eight. Mackenzie is always compared to maddie, but I think that she has her own style and maddie has her own too, go Mackenzie!

Mackenzie is a great dancer and although she is the youngest, she is up to the standard of any of the other girls. She often gets compared to Maddie, but she has her own style and I love her for that! Mackenzie also is an amazing singer with her own songs (It's a girl party, shine etc. ) she is an all-round amazing performer. Whenever Mackenzie gets a solo, she usually comes in first place, and always stands out in the group routines. There is no doubt that Mackenzie should be the number 1 dancer in the Abby Lee Dance company junior elite competition team!

Mackenzie is a famous dancer as she wrote her own song at the age of 6 not only is she a dancer but also acts she is as the lead role cassie on total eclipse she is also a model and a muser she has over 13 million followers on tik tok she has also been the first girl on dance moms to get choice muser on teen choice awards she is a singer dancer model muser actress she has achieved a lot for her age

She is so good

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8 Kalani Hilliker Kalani Hilliker

Kalani is amazing she should be right after Maddie. She is on the top of the pyramid a lot. She won as Abby's ultimate diva, which is hard! She has tons of star potential! She is simply beautiful and elegant! I simply do not know why she is not number 1.

How is Kalani No.10, Kalani is the most hardworking and that is a fact. She and her mom Kira had to clean out the studio because they didn't have enough money to pay. Kalani from a young age learnt the value of money and dance because she had to work hard for it. In my opinion she should be number 1 because she works hard for everything she does, harder than anyone else

Kalan hiliker is an amazing dancer and very underrated.she has incredible technique and facials but Abby spent so much time with Maddie that kalani was never put to her full potential. Go kalani!

Kalani is a great role model and is so positive. Not only that but, she is an amazing dancer. She has very little mistakes in her dances and is very mature. She inspires me to never give up and think positive and forget the negatives

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9 Sophia Lucia

Maddie it's a wonderful dancer. I really enjoy watching her dancing every single time. She is amazing in almost all the styles but even this, Sophia is better than Maddie. Sophia has super flexibility! She can stretch her legs 270 grades! And also, she has always the energy enough to each solo and music style. She can control each part of her body to dance in an exceptional way. Sophia also has a record Guinness for do 55 consecutive pirouettes! That's completely incredible!. But in another side, I think ALDC has the most beautiful choreographers I've ever seen, that's another reason because Maddie always looks beautiful and perfect, but if Sophia also could have more choreographers like ALDC has, maybe she could give more amazing shows and it could be better. Right now almost everybody think Maddie is better because they look at her dancing in an incredible way on Chandelier ( I also love a lot this choreography! ) but nobody has seen Sophia because she doesn't have an important ...more

No, just no. I mean, she's a great dancer, amazing actually, but I think Maddie is just so much better. No necessarily better in DANCING, just the person she is. I LOVE MADDIE.
PS If Maddie and Sophia were BFFs that would actually be really awesome

Ridiculous that she's seventh. Seventh? Really? Lower than Nia, Mackenzie, Brooke, Maddie, Chloe, and Kendall? Sophia Lucia is versatile, incredibly flexible, and has amazing technique and emotional execution. She's in a different league.

I mean, has this kid ever been beaten in her life? She's a recognised prodigy. Sorry, as much as I love the Dance Moms kids, Sophia would absolutely massacre every single one of them in a competition. There just ISN'T any competition, period.

She is one of my favourite dancers! Oh my gosh, I don't like maddie, but I LOVE Sophia! And she is so flexible! She is also great at rhythmic gymnastics. Everybody likes maddie better, but I don't like maddie very much. Everybody know who is maddie ziegler but a few people know who is Sophia Lucia. Just because maddie has the chandelier music video they think she is better. If Sophia has the change to dance to a music video, this video will be the best!

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10 Jojo Siwa Jojo Siwa

I LOVE JOJO! - Cheer4ever

Love her

Jojo is a really sassy girl. She is always full of energy, happiness and fun! She is very beautiful, cute, fabulous and talented! She is very good at hip hop and jazz because she is super energetic. She's not good at lyrical and ballet, just because she doesn't like ballet and lyrical. I mean, look, I love dance but I hate these kinds of dance! She can do try all the styles ( expert ballet and lyrical), not like maddie who can do only lyrical. Some mothers don't like her, but it's just because she is great and they feel jealous because their daughters can't be talented as Jojo.

I HATE her! Her two songs and the Toyota Highlander nickelodeon crap made me hate her. I don't care if you jojo fans hate me. I think she is rude and awful. She is conceited and stupid. She ruined the Toyota Highlander and she ruined my life! SCREW JOJO SIWA!

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11 Asia Ray

Excellent dancer, sweet committed and focused. Youngest of the girls but demonstrates she can hold her own. Love the way she handles the rude treatment from the other girls.

Asia is a good dancer, but her face is so stupid like with her eyebrows. I get she is sassy, but that sass can be super annoying to watch. that's why Mackenzie is much better than Asia, because she doesn't have the same "sassy look" on her face. more of a cute-elegant look to be honest!

Have you seen the solos she did when she was 6 years old? She is the most underrated dancer I know, she's got star quality! As much as I love Kenzie I have to say that Asia was born to dance and was the best dancer on the team, and she can act and sing to! She does as good and even better than the older girls in group dances, I wish she came back to the team to replace Mackenzie, if she was on the show again, she would become a lot more famous and get the credit she deserves!

Asia is so cute and the best and so is Sophia Lucia, Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie Ziegler!

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12 Brynn Rumfallo

How is Brynn this low on the list?! This girl is so talented! What the heck! I love her! I would vote for Chloe or Brynn but I voted for Brynn because I need her to be higher up on this list! Chloe is already #1, so Brynn should get more votes!

I personally believe Brynn is the best on the team aside from Kalani. Brynn has wonderful technique and flexibility and uses genuine emotions. Brynn is a very versatile dancer and can do many styles even though the show doesn't show it. The show downplays her abilities just to make Maddie look better which is something I absolutely hate. If only viewers knew all the amazing things she has achieved such as winning Mini Female Best Dancer 2014 at The Dance Awards, Las Vegas.

I'm sick of everyone saying Maddie is the best. Her facials might be good but she has average technique and can't even get on the box of her pointe shoe. Everyone who says Brynn doesn't use facials needs to go look at her old solo Violet. Brynn is a all around great dancer. I can't believe some people say Kendall and Paige are better than her! (No offense to Kendall and Paige, there just suited for recreational dancing more than professional dancing) Same with Jojo above her, sorry but Jojo is the WORST dancer on the team. Her dancing matches her personality, there both horrible. The only person better than Brynn on the team is Kalani.

Brynn is the most slender of all the elite team. She models more than all the other girls combined. I think her body got her where she is. The mini team liked her most. It means something when young children are drawn to her. - boce

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13 Nikaya "Nini"

She's really a sweet girl, and her mother is the only one that really has any sense.

She is an amazing dancer

Sheis really good and have good posture and a very good at everything

She was good dancer and beaautiful but her mom was a troube person...
but her mom and her left because she knew she wasn't good for this team and she knew she brought trouble to the team that why they left so the moms didn't kill her the next week

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14 Alexus Oladi

Awww love Alexus so cute and sassy and she's an amazing dancer

15 Jordyn Jones

I love Jordyn so much! She is definitely one of my favourite people X

Jordyn is amazing! Please watch her on AUDC

I love her

Love you

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16 Ally Serigne

Ally is amazing

17 Kamryn Beck

Kamryn is well rounded and has good technique

I think kamryn is pretty good but I hate how she always conpeted with chloe. She will never be as good as chloe

I wish she, and maybe Jade and Sarah H stayed.

Yass go girl

18 Lilliana

Lilliana is much better than other dancers were at her age and she deserves to be further up this list

Lilliana has done amazingly well in Season 7! She managed to beat both Maesi and Brynn! She's the youngest on the team currently, but her talent is up to par with the others. She's flexible, she's amazing, and she's nice. She's going to be a star.

She have a good technique

I think Lilly is the next Mackenzie (but if Mackenzie was the favorite instead of Maddie.) Elianna or Areana will be the next Maddie cause they has good facials and excels in lyrical.

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19 Maesi Caes

She's an outstanding dancer. She slays everything, but she's best at hip hop which brings real diversity to the team. Have you seen her Titanium solo? (Before Dance Moms) her I'm Alive solo? They're amazing! She should be treated better than she is by Abby. Abby underestimates Maesi. And her mom stands up for her! Maesi is incredibly talented.

20 Sarah Hunt

A beautiful and talented dancer with great facial expressions during performances. It is unfortunate that she was kicked off of the team because I love to watch her dance.

Sarah is a great dancer. She shows great emotions when dancing and I think her mom holds her back a bit

The 2nd youngest of em all. And she is just amazing

She is brilliant

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21 Elliana Walmsley

A star right there!

22 Jalen Testerman

Why Anthony Burrell Yelled At him During The Push Ups

23 Zack Torres


Zack has the flexibility and the emotion, a hundred times better than maddie

Hate him

24 Sofie Dossi

So flexible
Really talented

25 Jade Cloud

She was only on the select ensemble team for one season however I would of liked to see her join the team permanently

Talented, beautiful, kind. Is there anything jade can't do?

She's very good!

Yeah she can't do anything right

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26 Lucas Triana
27 Brandon Pent

Dam love him

28 Nick Daniels
29 Daniela Ruah

She can dance amazingly she has her own way she really flexible and in my opinion she is way better then Maddie kalani and brook

30 Akai Osei
31 Genevieve Chan
32 Alyssa Owen

She is a great little dancer fire on.
She isn't even on the team oops.

33 Areana Lopez

Best on the mini team.

A potential star this little mini is. She is pretty good at what she does. No wonder Abby choose her for the crown. She has the real emotion that is needed in a dance. She could be a very good actress.

I love her personality, and have you seen her turns!

34 Chloe

Chloe dances so smoothly she deserves number one

She is number one

35 Payton Ackerman

Peyton is a pretty good dancer but she is so arrogant you can't appreciate her talent. She always says she is better than everyone else and pushes around the little kids. Then when she in trouble for it her mom has a fit. I'm not happy she left, but I can't say that it is the greatest loss

She's a good dancer, but she has a terrible attitude. It doesn't help that her mom is a terrible example.

They use Payton only when she needs to fill in... her mom thinks they are important


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36 Vivi-Anne Stein

While vivi is obviously not the most gifted, she is a very sweet girl. How would you feel if your mom made you play baseball when you wanted to dance? Vivi has a lot of pressure on her and I love her to the end.

CATHY does not understand that VIVI DOES NOT WANT TO DANCE! She is flexible but does not have good technique. she can't dance actually. and the candy apples need to realize that abby lee will always beat them! They shuld just give up! And they wear too much make up its ugly.

Vivi is honestly hilarious I miss her - Glitterellie

Cathy is so stupid! VIVI-ANNE IS THE WORST DANCER EVER! Her mom is the most annoying and ignorant person ever! The only reason I voted for her was to say this to cathy and her stupid daughter!

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37 Nick Dobbs
38 Talia Seitel

She was great in the group dance last one standing and that any s my

39 Gino Cosculluela

A awe some dancer with passion

Gino was rude

Gino was a good dancer abby just couldn't face she lost to the aldc so she said it was his fault instead of maddie

Gino was ok.

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40 Savannah Newell

I am amazing dancers I started dancing when I was 2 and I am very flexible and by age of four I was doing learning tricks

She's seems confident

41 Addy Kaylee

Addy is so talented and beautiful


Abby is very strict
Is it a pleasure to be her fave, Maddie?

42 Tea Adamson

I like her!

43 Gracey J

I love her

44 Anna McNulty

Very flexible and is truly gifted

45 Daviana Fletcher
46 Gavin Morales
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