Kendall Vertes


For some reason I just really like Kendall because she's nice, pretty, and a really great dancer. When I'm watching dance moms I'm really just watching for her and if you don't love her as much as I do you can listen to these reasons, gin saying to myself WOW your really good at what you do and actually I'm really getting sick of just hearing about maddie it's maddie this and maddie that but all I want to care about is just Kendall and all I want to say about her is she's a really great dancer

Chloe's my favorite, but seeing that she has received all the respect she deserves, I'm gonna have to vote for Kendall. She's a great little dancer and she just needs a little boost of confidence here and there (kinda like Chloe). I want to like Maddie, but she's just way to... used to being number one. You can't really blame her since Abby's favoritism of her is so blatantly obvious. Nevertheless, there are things Maddie can do to improve her attitude so that the time comes when she isn't the best of the best, she doesn't suffer from shock.

I love Kendall! She is really nice, pretty, and she's a really great dancer. She is really misunderstood by Abby and I feel bad for her. Kendall should be #1 on this list. Kendall is totally the BEST dancer and she should be happy about it. Everyone wants to be like Maddie but what is so exciting about maddie? She's pretty and a good dancer but Abby totally likes her the best. So I think Kendall and the other girls should get a chance to be the star because they are just as good as Maddie.

She is an amazing dancer! She can do so many styles of dance and has great face emotion. Her solos (all the dances she is in) are very interesting and awesome to watch. She also stands out too! She needs to try harder and maybe Abby will appreciate her more! She can beat any enemy she has with more time with Abby and harder work! I am a true Kendall FAN!

Kendall is a great dancer she can basically do anything although she doesn't specialize in two things contemporary and lyrical she also kind of misunderstood Abby sometimes doesn't understand her she also doesn't get all bratty when she doesn't get a solo but her friends do she cheers them on Kendall doesn't let all the haters get in her way. She always has a smile on her face Go Kendall!

Kendall is by far my favourite girl in the show. She is absolutely stunning and a truly amazing girl. She is an amazing dancer and definitely deserves more respect from abbey. She is such a brilliant dancer and deserves to be on top of the pyramid more often as all she needs is a confidence boost. Love her!

Kendall is an amazing dancer! She can do so many types of dance and do them astonishing as well. She is also a hard-working dancer and has been improving so much! A plus is that she's a double threat. Singing and dancing! Congratulations. But basically overall, she's a dancer who will always blow me away and deserves to be #1.

As Abby says" Kendall needs to learn that it is not just dancing, it is acting. I do not think she should be this close more like number 10 because she is cute and all but her mom is just drama and she can not dance nearly as good as anyone else on the team. None of the girls really like Kendall because she is to over the top and sensitive and her mom is always saying she is better than everyone else.

Kendall is the best in my opinion. She is very well rounded. She is not stuck in one genre of dance. She loves all the girls. I think Abby just doesn't want her to be the better. She is very beautiful. She is the perfect package.

She is a great dancer! She is versatile, even though that works to her disadvantage. She is always forced to jazz, and though she looks great, it ruins her chance of winning. She puts dance before her singing and is an all around good person!

I love Kendall I'm so much like her she such a good dancer and she is my inspiration she doesn't get a lot of solos but in the group dances I think she stands out more than the other girls evan if she in the front of the back. Kendall is pushed by abby more because abby wants her to be like Maddie but she likes different styles of dance than Maddie and if Abby gives Kendall more solos and featured roles in the group Kendall can be her 1 girls.


Kendall is just as amazing as Chloe and Maddie. If Kendall got the same amount of attention that Chloe and Maddie got, she would also be a star. Also, most of the girls are great dancers, but very few of them are great singers. Kendall is the most all-rounded girl on the team.

Kendall is my favorite dancer. She deserves much more respect from Abby. Kendall should be on the top more because she is an amazing dancer who is super pretty. I love her!

Kendall should really be #1, Chloe #2, and Maddie #3. She is clearly the best on the team. Kendall is the most versatile and should really be on the top of the pyramid WAY more. You're my favorite, Kendall K Vertes! - Madison543

Kendall is very talented, and she should be after Maddie, because, SHE'S FANTASTIC! Don't cry, because moms talk rubbish to kids because they want THEIR kids to win, even if they are rubbish! She is a hard working teenager and no one should bring her down.

She us awesome! But Abby is so rude to her. If Maddie cries, Abby will comfort her. When Kendall cries, she doesn't. Even though that happens, I still love Abby and all the dancers. But Kendall stands out.

I love kendall because I am just like her I have dark brown hair and blue eyes she is really pretty and I'm not just saying that because I am like her

She's a very great dancer! Some people don't like her dancing because she lacks emotions but if you look at recent videos, her emotions improved and you can tell it happened because she's a hard working teenager!

I think that kendall is the best because she is so funny and has a good personality and she dances really good. Good job kendall for being amazing

I think she's just as good as everybody else I think she's very talented and pretty also special keep doing what you're downing Kendall good job.

Kendall is a very nice character. On one of the newest Dance Moms episodes, Brynn Rumfallo was selected to go to the People's Choice Awards with Abby. Some of the moms were disagreeing and Abby just said Brynn would not go. She asked Kalani, and she said no. Kendall also said she would pass. People credit Kendall to be whiny, when in fact she is not. She has to deal with Jill constantly befriending Ashley, confronting Abby, and almost ruining the friendship between her and Brynn. It would not be random if she did cry, being sieged by all the drama away from her. Kendall could beat Maddie, but Abby doesn't help her too, she discourages her. Kendall is a sweet girl, and is underestimated by her teacher. Kendall is one of the best characters.

I love kendall she is my favorite dancer. she can do every type of dance and rock them

Kendall is a brilliant dancer and seems to be a truly lovely girl. She is also absolutely stunning!

Where do I even start with Kendall... Ok 1. She is super funny I always laugh so hard when she talks she seems like a sweet girl who knows how to stand up for herself she is a beautiful girl and a beautiful dancer I feel like she deserves more I always enjoy watching her dance

Kendall is fabulous. She clearly does not get the attention, and opportunities she deserves. Abby does not know how lucky she is to have you. GO KENDALL! We love you.