Madison "Maddie" Ziegler


The show makes her looks like a spoilt brat but she's a sweet and humble girl. The way she dance is very unique and has a God given talent. She knows how to put all her emotions into her dances and tells a story in a very young age. There are always someone who has a better technique but it's hard to find a dancer that can tell a story. The moms (especially Christi and Kelly) never gives her any credit. They always said that Maddie gets more privates, why don't they sign up more privates for their own daughters than? Why can't she be the hardworking kids? Although she is Abby's favourite, she's very hardworking and has a great passion in dance. I don't think anyone in dance moms can pull off Sia's music video Chandelier other than Maddie. She really deserves the opportunities and attentions she has and not get so much hate. The show is very edited and made her looks really bad and make other girls looks like a victim. She is born to become a star. In my opinion, she made Abby a ...more

Maddie keeps getting potrayed as the bratty dancer, what viewers don't realize is that the show is WAY more scripted than it use to be 3 years ago and the producers use much more editing, so that if one kid uses a bratty face for anything, they can make it look like that kid was being bratty about a totally different thing whatsoever. So, keeping the show aside, if you were to judge them solely based on dancing, why wouldn't you say that Maddie is the best. She has amazing technique, is always dedicated, and has the face that can sell any routine. People want her in movies and videos because she knows how to act with her dancing. Any dancer who can tell a story is the best, because that's what dance is- a story in motion. Maddie executes the best emotion in a dance. That's why she is the best dancer

There is something very special about Maddie Ziegler. It is way more than her amazing dancing. It's an inner light... A love for dance that just shines through everything she does. That and her precocious ability to interpret and reflect the character and mood she is creating in her performances. The unbelievable finesse, versatility, nuance and feeling that she brings to dance at such a young age is astounding. With "Chandelier" she instantly gained the respect and awe of music critics, dance critics and artists all over the world. Maddie Ziegler definitely has that "IT" factor that draws a world-wide audience in to her world. No doubt a charismatic, intelligent, talented and hard-working superstar in the making.

I believe Maddie really is the best dancer on Dance Moms. All of the girls are beautiful dancers, so don't get me wrong, but she is the best in my opinion. I understand why many think Chloe is better, but the truth of the matter is Maddie is better. Chloe may have better technique, but Maddie overall is the best dancer. She exceeds in all styles of dance, and executes amazing turns, leaps, kicks, etc. She may be the best dancer only because she is given the most attention, but that doesn't change the fact that she is the best out of the group. She applies corrections, memorizes many dances each week, withstands the pressure placed on her, and WINS! And as for those saying she always makes the same pained face.. she wins doesn't she? And whoever wins is the best, so clearly Maddie is the best by a long shot.

I heart maddie she is a great dancer although she can get a bit bratty when she doesn't get a solo or she doesn't win she is a very talented dancer she has great technique and she draws your attention when she is on stage. She is one of Abby's favorites and she has a solo every single week well nearly every single week sometimes I feel sorry for her when the moms are fighting and when the moms are saying bad stuff about her it must be very hard to focus on dance. So all up I think that maddie should just ignore what everyone says about her and keep dancing like there is no tomorrow GO MADDIE!

Maddie is an AMAZING dancer and yes a lot of people says that Chloe is better but to be truthful how did Chloe get know she got known by Abby not treating her like Maddie by being second best its because of all the bad treatment she gets all her fans feel bad for her and because maddie wins and doesn't get treated bad like the others she has pressure and she has to do her best Chloe is a good dancer but no doubt that she is only famous or known because well SHE WASN'T TREATED WELL MADDIE IS BETTER DEAL WITH IT

Maddie is my fave dancer but not just because of her dancing (although amazing) because if the way she is constantly trying to please Abby and her friends she is nit a show off and didn't even want to bring in her crowns when Abby asked her too. Abby wants her too show off but she really tries not too. People get jealous of because of her dedication and growing talent and achievement form the show and her dancing. People don't like perfection or perfectionists as they wish they could be like it themselves. I say YOU GO GIRL! #teammaddie all the way people. All the other girls are lovely as well though

Maddie is better than anyone but christie always has to say mean things about her melissa and mackenzie but maddie is the best so maddie just follow your heart and don't let anyone bring you down keep being better than anyone and I think that every one that says maddie is a spoiled brat shut your mouth its not her fault that abby likes her danceing more than anyone else(abby you should think that maddie is the best) and always gives her solos just tell christie to shut up and be yourself so my opinion is maddie just do what you always do ignore everybody that talks bad about you and WIN!

Maddie is definitely the best at ALDC with her emotion in her dance and her perfect dancing she is going to go so far! It is now season 5 and she is in Sia music videos and on so many magazines! She has stared in so many shows like "Austin and Ally" and " Pretty Little Liars". Chloe is not even on dance moms any more it's time for maddie to be #1. She even is Abby's favorite! She has been on the top of the pyramid around 50 times and definitely is the one who wants it the most! From her acting to dancing to everything! Everyone vote for maddie she really deserves it!

Ok, first off she gets more attention than any of the other girls. Second, the other moms/daughters aren't jealous of her, they are jealous of the treatment she gets. Have a brain! I think all of them are GREAT at their own style of dance, but I can't choose a favorite because Lifetime fakes a lot of scenes-to cause drama. So who knows what's real? Like when Chloe& Maddie did the same solo; Chloe actually won, but the show portrayed it as, Abby going overboard to get Maddie ahead. No hate, just saying.

Maddie is a star. All the moms get extremely jealous and quite aggressive towards her. She has amazing technique, beautiful and graceful arms and she deserves every opportunity that is thrown at her. She is a team player and if she doesn't win she takes it well and is very supportive of her other team members. She is not a brat, but she has talent and that is something hard to get.

Personality has nothing to do with who's the best. Maddie has won the most competitions and has beaten every single girl on the team. Chloe is a nice girl and a very good dancer, but she has only beaten Maddie twice on the show while Maddie has beaten her numerous times.

Maddie is very flexible, she's the 3rd best on the team at acro (right after brooke and Kenzie) (chloe still can't do a standing back tuck or a front walkover)

She has amazing technique, she has gotten a perfect score on one of her solos before.

Her emotion is flawless, which is why she has gotten so many opportunities. Abby didn't tell Sia who to pick, Sia picked her by watching her facial expressions in her solo.

She is an amazing hip hopper and jazz dancer! Watch her solo Bond girl for jazz and many hip hop choreographers want to work with her.

She has nearly 8 million followers on Instagram while the other girls have only 4 million!

She's the best. You know she is. People just love chloe because she s the underdog. Chloe is a great dancer but she is stiff with poor facials. She doesn't really have the drive anymore. People say "she beat Maddie 3 times before the show" you know I bet Maddie beat her 100 times before the show. Maddie's facial, emotion, turns, jumps, tricks, flexibility are all flawless. She does lyrical, tap, jazz, contemporary, and could probably do acro with all that flexibility. None of the girls can really do hip hop but she is one of the best at, her Zander her sister ( not including Payton ). There is all me reasons and you have to admit that they are all agreeable with.

Maddie is the most amazing dancer. She really stands out to me. She inspires me to try my best. Why is Maddie so amazing? Well she's amazing because she works for it. She puts in more time and effort than any other teammate. That's why she's so special. I love Maddie so much it's not even funny. She's sweet, nice, kind, and caring. What more can a girl be? That's why I love Maddie Ziegler.

I think that Maddie Ziegler is the best! She always puts in 100% of her energy in to her solos and practices! I believe that some people say that she is a brat but she ISN'T! She is only like that for the show. If you guys don't get the key words REALITY SHOW then why bother hating on her or watching DANCE MOMS? Well that's what I have to say for maddie!

Maddie is the best dancer on the show. People say she only wins because of favoritism, but that's not true. She is the favorite because she's the best! Maddie has a true talent and passion in her when she dances. I also love Chloe, but to be honest the reason Chloe has so many fans is because she is the under dog. People pity Chloe, that has a lot to do with her fan base.

You are an amazing dancer you use your facial expressions you tell this story you open many peoples hearts my favorite solo of yours is between vertigo and also cry these were your best and your videos with sia are just breath taking we all know that you can become an amazing dancer keep it up and you will get somewhere in life

All the other kids and mums are brats except Maddie and her mother. She is the only one who is always happy for everyone else. Everyone else (including Chloe) openly have disgusted looks on their faces or even worse say things in front of Maddie and her mum. Plus she is easily the most dedicated and best dancer hence why she always looks the best and handles the more difficult routines.

My opinion is Maddie's the best dancer. you shouldn't say that she's no good when she wins so many titles. and miss abby isn't judging so yeah I think she's the best, not saying that all the other girls aren't good. so many people think she's mean to chloe WRONG! Plus you shouldn't judge her by the way she acts you should judge the way she dancers.

I have nothing to say about Maddie. Her dancing makes me speechless. By the way people this isn't about who's the nicest or who has the most blonde hair so choose who is the best DANCER. Just admit already that Maddie is better than Chloe. Your just making me hate Chloe more because everyone who is a fan of Chloe hates Maddie and we wouldn't like that would we?

Maddie is really awesome, is really fantastic, and an amazing kid. She is my favorite dancer on Dance moms, and is totally awesome. She is Abby's favorite, and I don't blame Abby! It must be hard to really stay tough when some random mother is ripping her to shreds! She should ignore everyone, and as Abby said before, they are just jealous from day 1 and still are, so just pretend they are in your WORST NIGHTMARE!

I feel really bad when Maddie gets hated on. She isn't bad! She isn't bratty, but if she is it's because of Abby. Just like Chloe got her self esteem ripped up because of Abby. I agree that Chloe is awesome, but Maddie just takes the cake her ability. Although I love all the characters, (Even Vivi, her mom just needs to realize Viv's feelings about dancing) Chloe, Nia, Maddie, and Brooke are my ultimate's. Although it was really hard to choose. The moms kinda have problems. Chloe vs Maddie. They don't have competition in rl. Just their parents. But anyway, she isn't a brat, she is a sweet, sensitive girl with way to much expectations riding on her and way to much attention. Although this isn't related to the subject I love when they danced to "Electricity" XDXDXD

I love Maddie! She has appeared in numerous music videos dancing, and has appeared on a lot of T.V. shows-often dancing amazingly. Also she has won a lot, a lot of dancing titles, and awards. In addition she is the dance mom kid that has appeared on the top of the pyramid the most out of anyone, even surpassing everyone. She is Abby's favorite, and performed on Dancing with Stars and the Grammy's. In my opinion, she surpasses everyone, and way out of everyone league. Maddie puts in commitment, emotion, and hardworking. Maddie also sweet, caring, kind, talented, amazing, and humble.

Maddie is the best dancer Abby even said it if you watch the show you would know. Abby also said when she is not happy and she needs a win she knows to call maddie. Chloe is an awesome dancer but maddie is better maddie beats her. Chloe beat her once but that changed. Abby is a little hard on chloe but still maddie is the best.

She is inspiring every girl or boy I bet would want to be like her I definitely do. She is always being criticized by other mothers but she ignores it. She has taken place of Abby in some things like she did an interview in the place of Abby. She is the Overall Top Soloist in whatever she does.