Nia Frazier


I love Nia. She just doesn't cry all the time. She always puts on a brave face. The only time she cries is when she is injured or is so stressed. But when she is a little stress she always tries to calm herself down. She always is turned away jobs because Abby only wants certain girls to have them. Nia has been there for awhile and is very loyal to the team. She is a beautiful dancer and would be the next big star in hollywood. Her mom Holly is my favorite because she always stands up for Nia. Holly will push nia as far as Nia wants to go and doesn't stress her child out. Also Holly is there for all the girls. A lot of time the moms are there only for there kid in the group dance and there kids solo.

Nia is the BEST DANCER on the show. I hate that she is bullied by Abby (no special treatment, criticism and Abby treating everyone else MUCH better than she treats Nia) and that she has to go through that. I love her dancing and her expression when she dances. To me she is right up there with Chloe and Maddie and she is so unique never a brat. she inspires kids to do what they love (dancing) even if someone is pushing you down (Abby) She looks good in whatever she wears but that doesn't matter what matters is that she is brave and bold and confident! she works hard and it pays off and everyone can tell! She has so much love for dancing and you can see it when she dances. I think that she should get solos more often! Also people say she is not that good (WRONG) but Abby just doesn't put her out that much! She is an amazing dancer!

I think nia is very talented and is amazing in jazz and contemporary. I absolutely love her. She is a wonderful dancer and I love watching her dance. She always holds her head up high and has a very strong personality. I think she is a WAY better dancer than Kendall. I love you Nia!

I like watching all of her funky dances!

Nia is an Amazing dancer, she is so pretty and talented and she has the best mom.
She works extremely hard, and the reasons she even makes it to the top in abbey's eyes is her perserverance. GO NIA!

I love Nia it's a shame Abby puts her to the side and doesn't really treat her well and I love Holly for sticking up for her daughter unlike some of the other moms and Abby your evil you need to look in the mirror and think about the people you hurt

I can see an improvement in Nia. She is fantastic. Love her and she is very respectful. Her mother can cool it a little bit but I can say she keeps Nia respectful and keeps Nia spirits up. Love Nia.

Nia has good technique, sometimes according to Abby, She is a team player and is the most talented dancer she can be, she can be good as she dreamed if she wasn't nervous a lot, she is a great singer and she is good at making a show and story, Nia is told that she is doing what she is soppused too but Abby wants more and Nia does do that. Nia is one of the talented dancers.

Nia is so amazing. She is kind, talented, and down to earth. The show is heavily edited which is why she constantly was beaten down by Abby. But if you were actually kind in you teaching, Nia would improve immensely

She is very articulate and kind I would like to see her do some different kind of dance maybe some powerful African inspired dance. Her Mom seems super intelligent and well spoken as well.

I think his could be a better dancer if Abby would give her more solos and may more attention to her Abby could find more mistakes and correct her in a nice way not screaming at her

Nia is by far the most humble and committed girl on the team. Although she isn't naturally flexible, she has a fiery personality when it comes to dancing!

Nia is very talented (not to mention underrated! ) in my opinion. Abby always treated her poorly and gave her the worst costumes. She, Maddie and Chloe are the best dancers. Nia should get more credit!

Nia is a wonderful example of what all young teens should do. She is always smiling, always positive(which has to be tough with a big bear always yelling at her.) Nia is beautiful inside and out, she never has a negative word about anyone, but will stand up for what she believes in. She is and has always been my favorite and if anyone deserves to have their dreams come true it is Ms Nia. Love you girl and keep doing what you are doing.

Nia is very talented, even if she doesn't get much credit. Abby doesn't give her much of a chance, and I think if she had more solos, she would be amazing.

What an amazing dancer she is! I love her death drop and that she can do any type of routine. She can win but doesn't always believe, she is so talented and I just had to pick her as the best dancer. All of the dances that she was the lead in they have won! So that shows she is a great leader and Abby should give her the best qauilty of choreography and NOT ' Maddie' I think she is amazing and she suits every costume she wears xx

I think nia is a wonderful dancer even though miss Abby doesn't give her more opportunities, I think she can do better than any of the dancers

She is underrated but the most beautiful girl on the team. I love that she stays humble and gracious and she is an inspiration to all. Go NIA! I love you!

I LOVE NIA! She always does her best and she is very brave even when ABBY is trying to pull her down.

NIa is just amazing. I think she is mature and has been put down many times. The funny thing is that she is the only one that made it to broadway

Nia is very smart, she cares for others, and her emotions and expressions are OVER THE TOP! She is wonderful GO NIA

I think that Nia is the sweetest girls on the team and should have more chances to dance.

She tries so hard, and all of her work pays off in the end! Plus she is gorgeous!

Nia is awesome and she is so pretty and she is strong and I love her music video slay I just love nia.

Nia is so sweet. I think she's a great dancer and hard-worker. She deserves more credit.