Best Dance Songs of 2012


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1 Dance Again - Jennifer Lopez

This woman always knew how to make a great dance track - Irina2932

2 Revolution - Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Another great Disco/Dance song - Irina2932

3 Gangnam Style - Psy

BEST SONG EVER. Seriously? Dance again? That deserves to be shoved up my butt

Why is this not #1 gangnam style is the best dance song you will ever hear

Oppa Gangnam Style!
... Is a bit old now but it is still a GREAT dance song!
Love it!

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4 Chikni Chameli - Agneepath
5 Girl Gone Wild - Madonna

This is a close call for me between J. Lo's Dance Again and Madonna, but I gotta give it to Girls Gone Wild, both for the song and video. I hope people understood the symbolism and the point she is trying to make.

Great song and quite under-rated in my opinion. I think that this and "Dance Again" by J. Lo should be #1 and #2 for great quality dance songs.

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6 Euphoria - Loreen

The 2012 Eurovision Song Contest winner, it's an absolutely fantastic song that reminds me of David Guetta's work, and Loreen's voice is so amazing! - philhenshaw

7 Paparazzi - Girls' Generation

Well I see the point because snsd is the most beautiful girl group but I think now it is I got a boy

8 Summer of Love - Cascada
9 Dhadang Dhang - Rowdy Rathore
10 Go Go Govinda - Prabhu Deva & Sonakshi Sinha

I love this song and in skol function I participate this song very well

The Contenders

11 The Boys - Girls' Generation
12 Aa Re Pritam Pyare - Rowdy Rathore
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1. Dance Again - Jennifer Lopez
2. Revolution - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
3. Summer of Love - Cascada



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