Best Danzig Songs

The Top Ten Best Danzig Songs

1 Mother

Mother tell your children to vote today

Has to be number 1! Common vote people!

I'm glad that this is #1 - Ananya

2 Bodies
3 How the Gods Kill

The lyrics are something else. Glen is basically talking about reaching into your soul, staring yourself dead in the eyes and asking yourself if you have what it takes to really be the real you and achieve all that you are. "would you let it go? " "show me how the gods kill"
Let all your perceptions and ideas of who you are supposed to be and find and be the real powerful you that is capable of so much more then you where taught to believe

When I first heard this song, for some reason, it sounded familiar. Like, really familiar. I think I had heard it in my dreams.

But... I had never *actually* heard it before, with my own two ears, in my life.

Some songs just speak to your soul, like: "I've gone my whole life knowing this song, but have never heard it being played out loud". Well, I'm so glad I did now, because it sounds GOOD. I must have listened to it 6 times today.

If Danzig didn't make it, I think I would have come upon it eventually, by writing it myself.

I could hum along to it the first time I heard it.

10/10 song. Would not change a thing.

4 Twist of Cain
5 Dirty Black Summer
6 Long Way Back from Hell

Classic danzig song, should be the first thing anybody thinks of when they hear danzig

One of the first Danzig songs I ever heard and it hooked me! The divebomb guitar and dark lyrics make this his best song of all time!

Lucifuge was my first Danzig album. This song is the opening track. Heard it once and have loved it instantly. Got to hear it live a few years ago at a Danzig show and it was great!

7 Am I Demon

This should definitely be #1

8 Devil's Plaything

I bought my first Danzig album after I saw someone wearing an original Danzig skull shirt. It was album 4. Yeah not the best choice. This song convinced me to give Danzig another shot. Love them ever since.

Got a light, shines on me... Melodically heavy, staunch, typical Glanzig metal. Love it

9 She Rides
10 Black Angel, White Angel

The Contenders

11 Sistinas

Who doesn't like an evil singer doing a love song?

12 Her Black Wings

This song resonates a sinister pulse that pre 1995 Danzig is all about. Glenn's voice is still in its peak form here. His underrated writing abilities have never been compared to the greats, but they should be.

13 I'm the One
14 Do You Wear the Mark
15 Black Hell

So emotional song. This should be at least top 5!

I think it is due to the fact it never came out on a actual Danzig album. So if you haven't seen the movie you wouldn't know it. - Blackdragonfish

16 Tired of Being Alive
17 Black Candy

Love this song. So true too. - Blackdragonfish

18 Left Hand Black
19 Thirteen
20 Cold, Cold Rain
21 Can't Speak
22 Without Light, I Am

The ballad bit at the end I could chant that all day - Blackdragonfish

23 End of Time
24 Godless

My number 1 favorite song of all time!

25 Anything

The best! Overseen!

26 777

Steel guitar hasn't sounded this metal since "In My Time of Dying".

27 Blood and Tears

Evil Elvis

28 Pyre of Souls: Seasons of Pain
29 Dying Seraph
30 Girl
31 Lilin
32 Stalker Song
33 Satan's Child
34 Warlok
35 The Hunter
36 Not of This World
37 Black Mass
38 Rebel Spirits
39 Soul On Fire
40 Possession
41 1000 Devils Reign
42 Brand New God

My first Danzig album was 4. Never had heard a Danzig song until I put this CD into my player. This is what came on. I have been in love ever since. - Blackdragonfish

43 Wotans Procession

They play this play this before taking the stage at every show since it came out in 2004. It just gets you in the mood. - Blackdragonfish

44 Let It Be Captured
45 East Indian Devil (Kali's Song)
46 Netherbound
47 Deth Red Moon
48 You Should Be Dying
49 Bleedangel
50 Little Whip
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