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Darkest Hour is an amazing Metalcore/Melodic Metal band from Washington D.C. They combine killer drums with excellent guitar leads/rhythms and unique screams.

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1 Convalescence

Great lyrics/vocal but not enough guitar solo for my taste but other than that this is one of their best songs to date

2 Demon(s)

One of the best songs from them in my opinion, definitely deserves top 3. Great lyrics and guitaring. After hearing this on guitar hero 5 it became my favorite song

I can do nothing except for hitting the repeat button

3 Savor the Kill
4 Doomsayer (The Beginning of the End)
5 Terra Solaris
6 Beyond the Life You Know
7 With a Thousand Words to Say but One

I'm sorry but this band is so underrated and nobody appreciates there work. When I first listened to the Undoing ruin album I was amazed, that this band was not the biggest core band around. This song is amazing the guitar work makes me cry the riffs the tapping arpeggio over the chorus like its amazing. The intro makes hair stand on the back of my neck. And they have at least 20 amazing songs so if you have not given these guys a chance please do because they deserve it

8 Tranquil
9 These Fevered Times

Awesome guitar part with great lyrics/vocals.

10 For the Soul of the Saviour

The Newcomers

? A Paradox with Flies: The Light

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11 The Tides

Two of the best guitar solos of all time in one song.
This song dates from an era where the focus of the band was on the guitars, and not the vocals. No hate on my boy Mark Henry though, he's one of the best lyricists ever.

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12 Tunguska
13 Low
14 Sound the Surrender

It has an awesome guitar solo and it's so catchy it will be stuck in your head for days! In know from experiance

15 No God
16 Infinite Eyes
17 Love As a Weapon

It was featured in Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. Enough said.

18 So Sedated So Secure
19 Sanctuary
20 Severed Into Separates
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