Best Darkthrone Albums

The best albums produced and released by Norwegian Black Metal band Darkthrone led by Nocturno Culto and Fenriz.
To date, they have 14 studio releases... Vote for your favorite album by them.

The Top Ten

1 Transylvanian Hunger

Such a strong bond to black metal! This album defined the music I'll be listening to for the rest of my life! The first black metal album I listened to, and the top of them all!

A true masterpiece of pure Norwegian darkness. This album got me into Black Metal. Aargh!

"An anthem of Black Metal. Pure Norwegian Black Metal at its best. "

The best Black Metal song ever written! - Rihanna

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2 Blaze in the Northern Sky

This is my personal favorite. In my opinion in some cases this even outstans Transylvanian Hunger. - Nord666

Best album beats transylvainian hunger any day

I have this lp amazing sound

3 Panzerfaust

Panzerfaust is the best Darkthrone album in my humble opinion

This is the reason why Black Metal still in existence.

Creative and different from the rest of norwegian typical sound panzer mixes cold atmosferes and fast tremolos with groove and riffing of 80's metal.The variety and infulences make this my favorite from Darkthrone.A Blaze is a great choice too and both are mandatory listens for those who want to know black metal

4 Under a Funeral Moon

This isn't only their best album, but the best Norwegian Black Metal record ever produced.

Transylvanian Hunger might or might not be as overrated if not, more, than Master of Puppets

I agree best darkthrone album vocals fit with atomosphere and that beat to walk the infernal fields you can't put transylvanian hunger over this

Fenritz even called it their best.

5 Soulside Journey

You're one of those kids who can't handle black metal but I do like this album a lot

This is the only Darkthrone album I like, because its actually produced.

One of my favorite death metal albums - Oh

This is their only good album. It actually sounds like an album. It has a very straightforward and aggressive death metal sound to it and it actually sounds produced. The rest of their albums sound like underproduced garbage recorded in a sewer tunnel and sent to a record store from there. Transilvanian Hunger? Ha! What a joke. Soulside Journey is a true metal album.

6 Hate Them
7 Arctic Thunder

Best album since Circle the Wagons - Metalmaniakkk

Good song good album will coming

Best album since panzerfaust

8 Ravishing Grimness

Not their best work best it's very underrated. This deserves to be much higher up in this list then number 10. - herr_tompa666

I love this album, their best since 'A Blaze in the Northern Sky'.

9 Sardonic Wrath
10 Total Death

Underrated album that perfectly blends the necro sounds of the unholy trinity era with the crispness of Soulside. This is a sharp record that is sadly overlooked.

The Contenders

11 Plaguewielder
12 The Underground Resistance

Cool album hells yeah

13 Goatlord
14 Circle the Wagons

Best mix of black metal/punk/r�'n�'r...! 666

15 The Cult is Alive
16 F.O.A.D.

Heavy, punky and black!

17 Preparing for War
18 Dark Thrones & Black Flags
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1. Transylvanian Hunger
2. Panzerfaust
3. Total Death
1. Panzerfaust
2. Transylvanian Hunger
3. Blaze in the Northern Sky
1. Blaze in the Northern Sky
2. Under a Funeral Moon
3. Transylvanian Hunger

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