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Darkthrone is an influential Norweigian Black Metal (earlier, Death Metal) band consists of just two musicians Nocturno Culto and Fenriz. They used to produce music with a lyrical background of Anti-Christianity and Satanism. Their musical style incorporates classic black metal with traditional heavy metal, speed metal and crust punk.
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1 Quintessence

The riff is so eerie it really makes this song so great. The lyrics really makes as some demonic voice is yelling out to you from a deep wooden forest.

Vote for this this is the true number 1

This is number 1


2 Transilvanian Hunger

First Black Metal Song I've ever listened to and ill tell you what, this song changed my perspective in music. This song defined the music ill be listening to from here on!

I Just can't stop to hear it, is just pure darkness so cold, so evil.

Pure evil an hate in those vocals hail darkthrone

Two words : “so pure."

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3 In the Shadow of the Horns
4 Crossing the Triangle of Flames
5 Kathaarian Life Code

This is their most Sinister sounding song. Everything about this song is perfect, from the Evil Catchy Riffs to the Vocals that is just pure Diabolical. This should be number 1.

6 Unholy Black Metal
7 Summer of the Diabolical Holocaust

That breakdown in the middle sends shivers up my spine.

8 Skald Av Satans Sol
9 The Pagan Winter
10 Cromlech

Underrated, this one f their best ones. - GREYBOYY

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? Hans Siste Vinter

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11 En As I Dype Skogen

A very beautiful black metal masterpiece

12 Under a Funeral Moon

Ugly and misanthropic. Black metal the way it was meant to be.

13 A Blaze in the Northern Sky
14 The Hordes of Nebulah
15 Natassja in Eternal Sleep

Darkest Black Metal song I've ever heard. - GREYBOYY

16 F***** Up and Ready to Die
17 Valkyrie
18 To Walk the Infernal Fields

This amazing song shouldn't be this low! The riffing is catchy as hell - Metalmaniakkk

19 Tundra Leach Tundra Leach V 1 Comment
20 Ravishing Grimness
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1. Quintessence
2. Crossing the Triangle of Flames
3. In the Shadow of the Horns
1. Quintessence
2. Transilvanian Hunger
3. Skald Av Satans Sol
1. Quintessence
2. Transilvanian Hunger
3. Summer of the Diabolical Holocaust

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