Top Ten Best Dashboard Confessional Songs

The Top Ten

1 Vindicated

Song of spiderman 2 favorite spider man 2 - Jari

But I do love Belle of the Boulevard

2 Stolen

This song is very nice

3 Hands Down

One of the best songs ever in its ability to encapsulate a relatable memory/emotion.

Best song ever of dashboard confessional for me

This is awesome! - DynastiNoble

4 Reason to Believe
5 Write It Out

Good enough to have been included as a regular track on a record.

6 The Best Deceptions
7 Remember to Breathe
8 Thick as Thieves
9 Screaming Infidelities

Best song from the best album.

10 The Brilliant Dance

The Contenders

11 Belle of the Boulevard

Incredible Song, really good fealing and emotionss.

12 As Lovers Go

Pure perfection. Such a happy love song.

13 Bend and Not Break
14 We Fight
15 Sailors and Saints
16 The Swiss Army Romance
17 Tonight I'll Take What I Can Get
18 These Bones
19 Keep Watch for the Mines
20 Matters of Blood and Connection
21 Where There's Gold
22 Fever Dreams
23 Clean Breaks
24 The Shade of Poison Trees
25 The Motions
26 Little Bombs
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