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21 Everything but Me

I think it's a really nice song, been bumping this for 4 years now

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22 Broken Arrows

Totally under rated song from the new album Baptized. This song is epic. Must give it a try. Deserves to be on top 10. Come on guys vote up!

I gave it a try after looking at the list. Definitely one of the best works by Chris.

So different from so many songs of their's just so sweet and simple

Should be at least in top 20. This song got me the feels

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23 Battleships

I don't care if I am the only one who votes for this song but it really deserves to be at least the top ten it is my favorite daughtry song and you will immediately fall in love with it. It reminds you of true love and learning to forgive and love again. You should really take about 5 minutes and listen to the whole song and I guarentee that you will fall in love with it. I know from personal experience

I've been listening to their music since about 2007 but they're a rare band in the sense that their music has gotten better over time from their initial albums. So why isn't as popular? I don't know, people are weird nowadays - they'd rather listen to trash like Minaj, Etc. And watch them shake their butts. This is real music. Waiting for Superman and Battleships are my favourites from them.

This is my favorite song ever because:

- A beautiful tune
- A good meaning
- A good song about love (not crap like others nowadays)
- Perfectly describes the years I had my first crush (a very long story)

This song is very underrated, and I demand it to be on the top ten!

The ones who haven't rated this song enough to be in the top tens at least, have simply not listened to this one apparently. Daughtry's music is real music. This kind of music is for grown ups. Incredibly under-rated.

Battleships is my ANTHEMM!

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24 Break the Spell

I have the whole daughtry discography from self titled album to baptized, and listened to every song, but believe me, this one has best vocals, it gives me goose bumps, god bless chris daughtry.

Over time, this may have become my favorite track on that album! Love the whole build-up into the chorus. The part where it goes "the way you chew me in, the way you spit me out" is one of the catchiest lyrics they've ever written!

Its from a new album. It will definitely make it to at least top 5.

"what about now" definitely deserves to be on top..but this song on 26th? that's ridiculous.

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25 Torches
26 Ghost of Me

This is another one of my favorite songs by Daughtry! Love the rocking tunes like this!

Dis is 1 of their best songs... Wats wrong with all you people

Such a great track by them, so underrated

The song which got me into this band...
Definitely.. 1 of their best songs. Vote for it m/

27 Tennessee Line

"I open my lungs to breathe in forgiveness and love
Haunting me now reminders of how I used to be
And on down the road my troubles are sure to follow
Looking out the window, the hell if know where I will go
So I'll just keep on driving"

When I lost all my music, this was the second Daughtry song I looked for. It deserves to be in top 10. Simply beautiful

This song is so good it really should have been released to the radio! Would've been a big hit for sure!

28 Long Live Rock & Roll

A touching tribute to rock music. Without guitars!

I enjoy the reminiscing of rock in this tune. My favorite one from Baptized!

I just love what Daughtry did in this song - Curti2594

29 What I Want

How could this song be on 14? This is their best song... Great solo, great beat... it is everithing great on this song... Daughtry ROCKS...
"What I Want is what I need" great chorus.

This song really pumps me up and is a great rock tune. This song features slash, the guitarist from Guns N' Roses. His guitar makes this song. It should have easily gotten well into the top ten.

Dude Slash just slays the guitar on this. Gotta be in my Top 10 songs by them!

30 You Don't Belong

Yeah, this makes me think about the old Three Stooges from the 1930s turning into werewolves. So scary.

Another great rocking song that deserves to be much higher up then this for sure!

So awesome in Concert! - Curti2594

Such a great rocker!

31 Renegade

One of the best songs the band's ever made
Should definitely be in the top 5
It's from their new album, so its low in the ratings
Listen to it and you would definitely vote for it
- shouryat2b

Hands down- this is my favorite. It has a good tune and it made me want to listen to it over and over.

Reminiscent of classic rock and roll, I think we all need a reminder right about now...

Another great one that should have been rated much higher than this!

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32 The World We Knew

Take a listen because it's a good song! - Curti2594

33 Witness

This is my favorite song of all! Very inspirational and the acoustic version is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard! I don't understand why it wasn't released to radio stations!

Such a great song by Daughtry but still much behind...

34 All These Lives

this song should have made the list. it talked about kidnapping, "Posters hung on building walls
Of missing faces" "Months go by without the cause,
The clues, or traces" "They're gonna find you, just believe"

- alicia23

This reminds me of so many zombie movies or sometimes I find it just symbolic! Underrated track here!

Love this song it's my favorite from that album

This is my favorite. Just saying'.

35 Wild Heart
36 Gone Too Soon

Amazing song, one of their best actually. Should be in a better rank for sure.

Love this song so much! It definitely should be much higher rating than this!

Great song.. Should definitely be in the top 10

Most amazing song. I wish it was in more of their sets!

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37 There and Back Again

This is an amazing song! Needs to be in the top 10 at the very least in my opinion!

Wow! I can't believe this song is higher than this! Utterly Preposterous!

Agreed, this song is one of the more underrated tunes by them!

38 Traffic Light

Many people call me the biggest fan of Chris Daughtry. I have heard every song he has ever sung since American Idol. But out of all songs, I want to vote this because it is a really good song and it deserves to be higher... Don't believe try listening yourself!

One of my favorite songs by him, it definitely deserves to be higher on the list. Daughtry makes great music and he's an amazing singer. Keep up the amazing work.

Damn! You got to hear this song! Awesome lyrics with nice rhythm

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39 Louder Than Ever

Oh please! This song must be at least top 10! Totally rocks! The vocals, the drums and guitar is all absolutely stellar! Please vote for it, it deserves to be much much higher on this list!

Love this song =]
Even more amazing in concert!
Saw them in columbus twice over the years =]

40 I'll Fight

This song is amazing! The lyrics has a beautiful meaning and this song truly inspires me:) It deserves a higher rank than 43! Its one of their best songs from their album Baptized!

Definitely deserves a higher rank than 42 in my opinion! One of their best songs from their new album "Baptized"!

Listen to the lyrics they'll inspire you! - Curti2594

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