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61 Spaceship Spaceship

This song is definitely not one of his best. That being said, I wouldn't put it dead last or bottom 10. His worst was his song called sorry.

Give me a sign that comes out of nowhere... I LOVE this song @@

62 Drown In You Drown In You

Man this song is amazing!
"I don't wanna drown in you. I'm sinking then I'm torn in two. So when you see me come up for air don't try to hold me down, just save me now! "
This song is Sublime.

This is actually the best Daughtry song ever! Vocals and guitars are absolutely amazing! Such a shame that it wasn't even included on a Daughtry album or ever been played live in concert!

This song was included in Arkham City Game THE ALBUM.. Amazing Guitar Work...

This is actually a really great song I love Chris's Voice in this one! - Curti2594

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63 What I Meant to Say What I Meant to Say

Dude! Come on man! 19th?! R you serious? This should at the top of the list!

Very underrated song! This should be far from last place.

Why it was placed in position 61? I disagree... should it be in the top 10... This one is great because the songs what I meant to say this with great lyrics jarring emotions and very fantastic
Therefore I do not agree

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