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The Top Ten Best David Archuleta Songs

1 Crush

It's David's Most beautiful song Ever heared

It seems like as if it were about all young teens and their loved ones.. Totally awesome song.. He proves that he is American Idol 6

The lyrics make you say *SHOUT.. SCREAM* I want a boyfriend who sings that for me! I bloody want someone to sing that for me.. and feel I too!

Amazing Song! must-hear! totally heart touchin!

Yeah! I just have known David Archie just because this songs on my cable T.V.. The video was very great, flashback review. This is the most great songs of David Archuleta. I want to hear this songs thousand times!

2 Falling Stars

His voice is so angelic in this song. It makes me cry every time I listen to it. This should be number 1!

Best song ever... Should be on the top...

I like that song

Seriously people?
This song should be #1, but what ever, I guess there are just some who don't get the sheer classics...

3 Everything and More

Best of David's original songs. The lyrics are powerful and mature. His voice is tender and heartfelt. The melody is hauntingly beautiful.

4 Who I Am

This song talk to me about many things. About that happen in this world. I think this song need this world.

This is one of my number 1 favorite songs besides his first single Crush and A Little to Not Over You. I have so much dancing energy when he sings this song.

5 Don't Run Away

Great song! One that I would play over and over. Wish he would tour the United States. Love him since he was on American Idol!

There is nothing much to say. Because there are no words. Surely this voice is one of god's own creations. David is one and only. I've never seen any one sing with such a passion. Especially in this song. Its like if all of that emotion is coming from his soul. He really deserves more than this

I think this song is one of my absolute favorites. Especially when David gets to the vocals towards the end of the song. I wish he would come to Florida for a concert.

Nice song, I love this song caused it's powerful song and beautiful song

6 Something 'Bout Love

superb song... one of ma favs... david lux so chweet man!

I love his voice while singin' the course
Something 'bout love that takes your heart, whoo...
AMAZING! I hope this song will always be rated 2nd, or at last 1st

Love this song
Love the lyrics
Love his voice
Keep on making such heart melting songs...
I sang this song in front of my crush...
I guess he got the hint...

Oh gosh! I love this song so much. The music is so catchy and the lyrics are also nice. David's voice was very soft and heart warming.

7 Stomping the Roses
8 A Little Too Not Over You

It's my next favorite song other than Crush. It has a very catchy melody. Love it!

Its just beautiful and full of heart and soul

The lyrics is the most beautiful I ever knew! I become so emotional every time I hear this song. Awesome! ♥

Love this song and love this singer

9 Somebody Out There

So cute super cute

10 Joy to the World

The Contenders

11 Zero Gravity

Beautiful Lyrics.. Perfect Music. Atleast should be on top 5

Love the energy of this song! David puts heart and soul into this one! This song should have been a single for sure.

The music, the lyrics, his voice... It all falls together to create a song that I can't help but enjoy every time I hear it! The best song by David I've heard so far... Simply GREAT!

Best David song even better Crush. Guys listen this song n you would be in heaven. Perfect music, beautiful song n great lyrics. David keep on singing like this...

12 You Can

This is a legendary song. He is young and has a bright future he just needs an awesome MENTOR! Like Justin Beiber got USHER! He also needs a BIGGER LABEL to sign him. Can't think of him not getting FAMOUS!

This is my favorite song. I just love all the soul and the passion he puts in it. It's got the perfect lyrics that can melt your heart. His voice is so ethereal. I just love it!

Sweet cute and so honest. I think this song is really the song that girls would dream for their dream boy to sing it for them. As for me, I would love to hear David sing it live! :D

What a great song! Love this

13 Wait

Just vote this to reach the first list. You have to heard this, I want this badly. Great song, great singer. Archie!

This is so great! David success to bring these song beautifully. I just can't stop listen to this music. With a video in Asia, I think this should reached the best.

Wait is low cause its really new. It is a lot better than crush. David Archuleta is known for his voice, and his voice really shines in Wait.

You have to heard it! This is the best and the newest song of Archie! The Side of Down Under in Asia...

14 My Hands

This song is so powerful, and true! I love it

15 Touch My Hand

My favorite song. Don't know what its doing down here. Super catchy

This is one of my favorite song. I wonder that this song has got less vote it should be at least to top 5.

I love this song. :)
It's catchy, too an the meaning's good

What is this doing down here? Amazing song really should be top 5

16 Notice Me

It's just awesome... I am a david archuleta fan and I have heard about a million songs of his but this one rocks

This is such a fun, true song, for whoever is crushing on someone, and just wants that person to "notice me." I know how that feels, and this song helps me get it out!

One of my all time favorite songs!

Great song! This song just so lyrical to me

17 My Kind of Perfect

I love this song because David isn't searching for perfection, but HIS kind of perfect. So many girls nowadays worry about their looks and how to, I guess, attract guys, but they need to look for their kind of perfect, just like guy should too

This song teaches us to keep searching for our kind of perfect. Although we think we could never ever find hiher. The music is also simple, but beautiful. So as the lyrics. Should've been on top 5, or at least top 10!

This is amazing song ever

Such lovely song, lyrics, and voice David archuleta make..
It should've been the first!
Ps: Crush is not as good as this song!

18 Forevermore

Along hearing the song, I can't help but thinking about a wedding and a couple lovingly seeing each other in the eyes - where they know that they are about to start new life together. Beautifully sang by David and almost bring me to tears... Definitely my first choice for wedding songs!

B'ful feelings and lyrics

Its unique and better version of him than the version of side A... Its proud to be that OPM (ORIGINAL PILIPINO MUSIC) is to be sang by an international singer!

One of my very favorites, I listen to his songs every day, morning to night, I never get tired of his singing, cd's even in my car.

19 Let's Talk About Love
20 Save the Day

Love this song! "no one helps you carry the pain, I'm coming to save the day"

There are many other songz! Why is'nt he not famous!
We have to do something about it this guy is so awesome
Best I have ever heard of. great

21 Desperate

Are you kidding? I can't believe that only one percent of the people would vote this as Archuleta's top song. It's so incredibly emotional. Archuleta's voice does a superb job of emoting the heart wrenching lyrics and the musical accompaniment helps to convey the poignant message. This song isn't just Archuleta's best. For me, it has such a depth of meaning which matches a very dark time in my life that I struggle not to tear up whenever I listen to it. It's one of my favorite songs ever.

22 Somewhere Only We Know

I just love this amazing song.. N the voice, the lyrics n the music are just awesome!

23 Not a Very Good Liar
24 She's Not You

This song, like every other David Archuleta song, is PERFECT. Somehow, David seems to bring out everything I love in a song, from a catchy melody to relatable lyrics. It was hard picking which song of his I like the best, but my mind just had a brain fart when this option picked up, because I knew it so well, that this is his best song. If you haven't checked it out, you totally should.

25 Glorious

Amazing vocals and meaning. A must listen if you think you know David.

I would pick this as my #1 favorite song ever written!

26 Look Around

I have been listening to this song all the time.. Oh it's so good... This songs is awesome... It has got some catchy tunes... David archuleta rocks!

27 Elevator

It's wonderful, and somehow.. Well, different with the others.. But still! David's voice is so so BEAUTIFUL!

This song is so catchy, I love to sing along with him on his video. Great song and great singer.

28 Barriers

It rocks! Actually David rocks... ##i really like this song

29 Your Eyes Don't Lie

This is THE best song EVER!

This has such a country feel, I love it! It should seriously be ranked higher! It's brilliant, and one of my all favourites

LOVE IT very much!

30 Parachutes and Airplanes

Deserves a better place in the top 10

31 Good Place

This is my all time fave. I love everything in this song.. The lyrics, the melody, the arrangement.. This is the BEST

32 To Be With You
33 Rainbow
34 Don't Let Go
35 Other Side of Down

Love this song! Its definitely one of my favorites. Its got a good message and a solid beat. Its fun to sing along with and its easy to harmonize along with David's voice

36 I'll Never Go
37 Angels

Been a favorite since 2007. One of his best songs ever!

38 Falling
39 Broken

The lyrics, " Do you see what I see? Do you feel what I feel? It doesn't matter until we see broken lives heal." are beautiful and intelligent. It compels you to look straight in the brokenness of the abused and taking a step to help and rebuild them.
David's voice in this song is powerful and explosive.

This song such a lot of deeply meanings! And David's voice it's so... Amaziing

40 Love Don't Hate
41 Nothing Else Better to Do

Nicest song of his

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