Turn and Face the Strange

Just last night I was listening to Blackstar, days after its release. It was magical. It was just like what Bowie used to do. He hadn't lost his ghostly ambience, cold voice and brilliant talent. It was new, it was different, he was still doing new and great things. The next morning, I woke up to hear he had passed on. I'd just been admiring his amazing talent and then was shocked to find it was only just gone.

David Bowie inspired millions. There's a different message and a unique mood to be found in every one of his songs. Life on Mars is my favourite; a haunting, soulful song, and a piano melody where you swiftly think of perfection of the instrument. Changes is a catchy, poetic and inspiring piece, a song we can use to keep ourselves going when deprived of hope. Ashes to Ashes was a melancholy masterpiece, where you can feel the pain just through listening. Moonage Daydream had a riff that made me worry for the replay button breaking. I can go on naming his works, but merely putting my appreciation for them into words doesn't do him justice.

When I talk about musicians that I love, I often talk about their unique skills and contributions to music, and how it makes the atmosphere what it is. Bowie went further. His music was an invaluable part of the transition from one musical age to another, from the beginning to the end. Introducing himself with a cold and psychedelic rock n' roll, and as the years went by and the fans flowed in, gradually evolving in funk and soul, later electronic elements, until there was a song that sounded like it could be from any background. If it were not for David, we wouldn't have much of the diverse range of music which I hold dear. Few artists are more influential than that.

So whatever I listen to next, whether it's Röyksopp or REM, I'm sure it will remind me of Bowie. Someone who consistently thought outside of the box, had an amazing personality, and has left us with music that will inspire generation after generation after his death. Bowie's music has something we can all take from it, whether it's a lesson about life, a touch of poetry, or simply a beautiful melody. For those with any passion for music, I hope you're all listening to his tracks. You'll adore at least one of them.


I wish you could favorite blog posts. - keycha1n

I hadn't cried in a long time until my dad broke the new to me this morning. David was one of my heroes. - PetSounds

I know it's so sad. - 2storm

Such a lovely tribute. I liked his music too. Life on Mars brings back some wonderful memories. - Britgirl

"Life On Mars? " is now the saddest song I've ever heard thanks to Bowie's death. The mood of it sounds so depressing and the lyrics sound empty at times.

David, we miss you. Rest in peace. - MontyPython

One of the most unique people of all time. Shame I never saw him live. R.I.P - IronSabbathPriest

RIP Ziggy Stardust #DavidBowie - bobbythebrony

One of the best singers of all time, his music was great. RIP - Martinglez

Yesterday, I heard Bowie was dead, that ruined my day. - BeatlesFan1964

I actually loved listening to Bowie. So glad to have been of one of his concerts once. - Mumbizz01


I am seriously envious. - PetSounds

He's been a hero to all of us music lovers. - TechnoTarantino