"Mick and David: Final Goodbye" by MontyPython

12:54 AM

The sky was pitch black. The stars stood out like fireflies. It was rather beautiful, really.

I laid there in my bed, sleeping blissfully, as usual. It was another day that flew by like birds for me. All of those days before were like that anyway.

All 2696 days before... Jesus, I'm old.

Continuing my story, I felt a sudden shiver run through my body as a sweep of cold air flashed through the window. I muttered something softy and shook my head, but opened my eyes when I felt somebody shake me lightly.

I glanced over, my vision blurry. A man was giving me a worried, yet relieved look.

"Mick..." He whispered.

I sat up, rubbing my eyes and leaning over to turn on the lights next to me.

"What... What is it?" I yawned.

He smiled softly at me.

"It's me." He said lightly.

I glanced over at the man and my eyes widened. There he was. David, but looking like he was back in the 80s, instead of now.

"Bowie?!" I gasped. I peered over, the window latched open. He broke in my house.

David Bowie broke into my house.

"I-I... Can call the police y'know..."

David looked behind his shoulder and sighed.

"There isn't enough time for that."

I scowled.

"What the hell do you mean?"

Bowie looked in my direction again, his eyes drowsy and depressed. I didn't know why.

That's when the... Strangest thing happened.

David had these ginormous, glowing, feathery beams gleaming off his back and stretching far apart. It took me a while to adjust at what I was looking at. That's when I realized it...

... They were wings.

I muttered under my breath.

"How the... Jesus, are those real?"

David nodded, and I shook my head. I quickly stood to my feet and stepped over, pulling at the objects. He winced. I could tell he was in pain. The wings refused to release from his back. I swallowed and tilted my head to the side.

"What're you dead or something?"

He hesitated, then spoke,


I laughed.

"Yeah. Sure."

I muttered.

"Knowing the weirdo you are, you probably sew those to your back."

David rolled his eyes, then chuckled lightly.

"Mick, even though you don't believe me, I'm going to leave at 1:05. I'll be gone for a long period of time, which is.. Forever."

I snickered.


Expecting another laugh from him, he actually gave me a worried glare.

"Mick, I'm being serious. I didn't want to leave you without saying goodbye, so here I am."

I felt beads of sweat beginning to form upon my forehead. Was he telling the truth? I took one more glance at his face.

He looked like a f**cking puppy.

He was telling the truth.

Jesus, no.

"Dammit, Bowie." I breathed out raggedly, then walking over and setting him down upon the bed. He let out a soft gasp, and I sat by him. Soon, I sat in between him and wrapped his wings around me.

"Mick, what are you doing?" He asked sternly.

"Not letting you leave."
"I need to."
"No you don't."
"It doesn't work like that, Jagger.."
"I'm not letting go. You can't leave without me."
"Mick, you're not dead."
"I'm older than you. 72 vs 69 purely shows that 72 is older."
"Well that doesn't matter, Mick. I'll have to go soon."
"Take me with you."
"Like I said before, you aren't dead."
"Kill me."
I laugh.

"Fine, fine. But still, you can't leave..."

David nods his head in a slow, sad motion. I grumble into my pillow.

"Whatever, stupid."

David laughs, then looks at the time.

"1:02.." He mutters. He glances back at me and takes a picture of us out of his pocket. On the photo it says,

"Friend forever, even if one's gone. ~ Bowie"

"The ink won't stay since I wrote it after I died. It'll fade away. So, Mick, there's a little tear on the corner. See? That'll last."

I look at it, and grumble again.

"Yeah, whatever."

I mutter angrily.

David breathes out the time again,


He lifts his wings and flies to the window.

I see him look back and smile at me, then fly out.

All of a sudden, a shock swarms through me. I dash to the window and shout,


He looks back.


I don't know what to say... So I just spit out the first thought that comes to mind.

"I won't forget you, my friend."

He grins. I can see tears swarming in his eyes.

"Thank you."

He flies off.

Soon, I rub my head and lay back onto my bed, cuddling into my sheets and pillows, thinking about my friend.

Soon enough, it's morning.

I wake up quickly and shoot up out of my bed, rubbing the back of my head and panting heavily. I can't really think straight. Then I realize: it was a just a dream.

"Thank god..." I groan.

I turn on the TV in front of my bed and sigh.

Suddenly, I notice a picture next to me. I pick it up, and it's a picture of me and David. Nothing special.

Then I spot it: a tear in the corner.





My heart hurts.



I can't stop crying.


Well that's sad - bobbythebrony

This is a great tribute, we will all miss Bowie - Martinglez