An experiment...

So, no time for pleasantries. This is an experiment. I'm gonna be OTL (One-Time Listen) reviewing David Bowie's No Plan EP. Most of you know who he is, a legend and a mystery. I chose this EP since it is short and this is an experiment, so I can't waste my time. Hope you like this.

1. Lazarus
This is the most meaningful track on this EP. With a sombre saxophone, David's trying-so-hard-to-be-strong vocals, clever lyrics ("I was looking for your ass." Really?) and the fact that the music video for this was released just 3 days before his inevitable death, this song strikes both emotionally and musically. And also, Confession - I only watched the video for this. I know the original version is 6 minutes, but still. Sorry.

Also, the video taught me an interesting fact. David Bowie was left-handed.

2. No Plan
I've gotta admit, this is my most favourite song on this EP. The strings whose moods alternate between happy, sad and mysterious, the beat which is catchier than Lazarus's, the simple but thought provoking lyrics and of course, the sax, all make this song enough to replace Blackstar as an album (That might've been the most controversial statement I've ever said).

3. Killing A Little Time
This is a pure rock song, but that's all to it.

4. When I Met You
On the whole, this song feels bland. But somehow, David's vocals have the energy to counter that, which is a surprise. It also has the catchiest beat on this whole EP. What doesn't impress me are the lyrics. When I read the title, I thought this must be a love song. But this just confuses me.

So, there you go. That was my experiment. If you liked the way this is heading, then I'll do more of it. If not, then no problem. I'll stick to what I do best. Thanks for your feedback.

Overall Rankings
4. Killing A Little Time
3. When I Met You
2. Lazarus
1. No Plan
EP Rating - 6/10

RIP David Bowie.


Great review, I liked this format to be honest. Something creative. - ProPanda

David Bowie recommended guide

First listen to Hunky Dory & Ziggy Stardust
Then try Station To Station
Then go to Low and Heroes
Then try stuff like Aladdin Sane, Diamond Dogs, Man Who Sold the World and Scary Monsters
Then skip all the way to Blackstar
You can go anywhere you want after that. - djpenquin999

Okay. I don't think I'll be using this since I'm not exactly a big David Bowie fan, but if I become one, then yeah. - PhenomentalOne

I (mostly) agree with this. But I think you should listen to Aladdin Sane and Diamond Dogs before proceeding to the late '70s records.

I don't often recommend greatest hits packages, but Bowie is an exception. You can't listen to one studio album and form an opinion based on that, because his discography is so diverse. Someone who hates ★ might love Young Americans, for instance. - PetSounds

Interesting to read someone else's thoughts. It would have been interesting to see where the music would have gone if Bowie had had more time.

Also, is this your first time listening to Bowie? If so, don't disqualify further listening based on this. No two decades sound alike, and anoyone who claims to know music has to have heard Ziggy Stardust, Hunky Dory, and the Berlin trilogy (Low, "Heroes," and Lodger). - PetSounds