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61 Never Let Me Down

My favourate Bowie song - why? After all the criticisms of this Bowie period? It is a simple love song that captures a mood so well. Sure, I like Low and more experimental Bowie but this one is wonderful.

62 Cygnet Committee

Got me through my youth, and its good to listen to old friends, )

Listen to this one. It is a great story and definitely True music.

Extremely underrated! So few people know about it, yet it's one of his best, in my opinion.
Just listen to the emotions, the buil up, and the amazing lyrics! Bowie forever.

63 TVC 15

His most underrated song. This is a very catchy uplifting song that should get more credit than it gets. - matty925

64 Girl Loves Me
65 This is Not America

This song is definitely in my top ten it is beautiful

Excellent song! Should not be this low

Should be Top 10 makes me cry this

66 Across the Universe

Great vocals... Great Beatles cover... Should be higher :(

67 Somebody Up There Likes Me

A very underrated David Bowie song!

Ahh the memories of playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas!

It's very sad that few people, except for true David Bowie fans and people who heard it on Grand Theft Auto-SA have heard this song even once. This is my favorite song by him, and it's unbelievably underrated. Whenever I'm flying a Rustler, and this comes on, I'm in a state of nirvana. I'm also upset that David Bowie died. - doodie

A hidden gem in the David Bowie catalog

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68 The Width of a Circle
69 Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing
70 Valentine's Day
71 'Tis a Pity She Was a Whore

The saxophones on this song are insanely awesome.

72 Everyone Says "Hi"

Great song for a brilliant album, the best of the 90's. Bowie's big return.

73 The Hearts Filthy Lesson
74 Watch That Man
75 Wild is the Wind

So beautiful, I could listen to this song non stop... So full of heart, so full of love and so full of soul. Amazing! Thank you, David.

It stops my heart every single time

Just beautiful like him

I've always loved this song since I was in my teens x

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76 Always Crashing In the Same Car

The greatest song from his greatest album.

77 Loving the Alien

Great song, lyrics are outstanding. One criticism maybe (a bit) over-produced

Love it, and I agree the lyrics are outstanding. Best song tied with blue jean on this album - Jiorl

Great song, tied with blue jean on this album - Jiorl

78 We are the Dead
79 Soul Love

My favourite song from Ziggy Stardust. Profound lyrics and one of Bowie's catchiest choruses.

Beautiful song, maybe the best of Ziggy. Marty Jones cover, with Bowie at sax and chorus, is very beautiful too.

80 The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

All I can say is that David Bowie gets better every year.

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