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61 This is Not America

This song is definitely in my top ten it is beautiful

Excellent song! Should not be this low

Should be Top 10 makes me cry this

62 Somebody Up There Likes Me

A very underrated David Bowie song!

Ahh the memories of playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas!

It's very sad that few people, except for true David Bowie fans and people who heard it on Grand Theft Auto-SA have heard this song even once. This is my favorite song by him, and it's unbelievably underrated. Whenever I'm flying a Rustler, and this comes on, I'm in a state of nirvana. I'm also upset that David Bowie died. - doodie

A hidden gem in the David Bowie catalog

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63 Diamond Dogs

What the hell is this doing down here. This title track of one of his best albums. You can't have a bowie top ten too many brilliant songs

Actually, all of these songs don't really need a ranking, they're all so damn good, and hell, it was enough to have a fictional mercenary group use this as it's name (thank you Kojima, for keeping the legacy of Bowie beautiful bastard)

I absolutely agree it should be in top 10 it is addictive this song

One of the best songs on one of his best albums. How the hell is this song at 90? It's easily top 10!

64 Across the Universe

Great vocals... Great Beatles cover... Should be higher :(

65 The Width of a Circle
66 Cygnet Committee

Got me through my youth, and its good to listen to old friends, )

67 Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing
68 Valentine's Day
69 Dancing in the Streets

I don't know why but every musical (top-tens or not) list I just get drawn to this song. Thank God "Changes" isn't on this list!

p. s. Its good to see that you are into this type of music instead of rap and hip hop. - fireinside96

Probably one of his biggest hits, should definitely be higher.

70 Time

I'd put this in Bowie's top 5. Simply a classic - it builds up to an incredible chorus and is sang with incredible gusto and feeling. Listen to it and I'm sure you'll agree

A brilliant classic.

My best Bowie song ever. Life, cabaret, time...brilliant!

Bowie... he was a total freak~ And this song showcases his freakiness in all his glory... what more could you possibly want? One of his best, very underrated song.

71 Queen Bitch

One of his first songs I heard and hunky dory album is first class

One of my early faces and hunky dory a brilliant album

One of my early faces and HD is a brilliant album

Glam Rock at its absolute finest

72 Everyone Says "Hi"

Great song for a brilliant album, the best of the 90's. Bowie's big return.

73 The Hearts Filthy Lesson
74 Watch That Man
75 Wild is the Wind

So beautiful, I could listen to this song non stop... So full of heart, so full of love and so full of soul. Amazing! Thank you, David.

It stops my heart every single time

Just beautiful like him

I've always loved this song since I was in my teens x

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76 Dollar Days V 1 Comment
77 Always Crashing In the Same Car

The greatest song from his greatest album.

78 The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

All I can say is that David Bowie gets better every year.

79 All the Madmen

That wistful, introvert style of singing he reserved for only the best of his songs, coupled with one of the best feats of songwriting by anyone ever, makes this song my favourite.

This is maybe not my all time favorite of his songs but definitely one of them. It's underrated and I wonder why this doesn't have more votes.

80 Lady Grinning Soul

Bowie's most beautiful song and vocals.

Underrated song. You must listen again...!

One of my favorite songs

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