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61 Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing
62 Valentine's Day
63 Everyone Says "Hi"

Great song for a brilliant album, the best of the 90's. Bowie's big return.

64 The Hearts Filthy Lesson
65 Watch That Man
66 Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
67 Dollar Days V 1 Comment
68 Wild is the Wind

So beautiful, I could listen to this song non stop... So full of heart, so full of love and so full of soul. Amazing! Thank you, David.

It stops my heart every single time

Just beautiful like him

I've always loved this song since I was in my teens x

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69 Always Crashing In the Same Car

The greatest song from his greatest album.

70 We are the Dead
71 The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

All I can say is that David Bowie gets better every year.

72 Soul Love

My favourite song from Ziggy Stardust. Profound lyrics and one of Bowie's catchiest choruses.

Beautiful song, maybe the best of Ziggy. Marty Jones cover, with Bowie at sax and chorus, is very beautiful too.

73 All the Madmen

That wistful, introvert style of singing he reserved for only the best of his songs, coupled with one of the best feats of songwriting by anyone ever, makes this song my favourite.

This is maybe not my all time favorite of his songs but definitely one of them. It's underrated and I wonder why this doesn't have more votes.

74 Lady Grinning Soul

Bowie's most beautiful song and vocals.

Underrated song. You must listen again...!

One of my favorite songs

75 Aladdin Sane

Come on. This should be much much higher. One of the best classic
Rock songs of the seventies. Beautiful piano piece.

I can�'t believe it�'s here. It should be higher on the list. One of the best Bowie�'s songs.

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76 The Prettiest Star
77 Jump They Say
78 Where Are We Now?
79 The Bewlay Brothers

I can't believe this isn't higher up in this list. This is one of my favorite songs by bowie. Knowing the lyrics are about his half brother makes them even more haunting. I get chills when I listen to this song. Beautiful.

One of Bowie's most haunting songs. A perfectly dark folk psychedelic trance. Absolutely needs to be higher.

That Exotic Backward Masked Horn Stirring up the chorus is amazing

Since his death, this has become my favourite Bowie song.

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80 See Emily Play
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