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81 The Prettiest Star The Prettiest Star
82 Jump They Say Jump They Say
83 Where Are We Now? Where Are We Now?
84 See Emily Play See Emily Play
85 Panic in Detroit Panic in Detroit

It's a shame that Aladdin Sane doesn't get as much recognition as albums like Ziggy Stardust or Hunky Dory. This song contains some of Mick Ronson's finest guitar work, and it's got some strange, but catchy lyrics in it. The drum beat is very rhythmic, and I consider it to be among Bowie's best work. - c0mf0rta61ynum6

"Having scored a trillion dollars
I made a run back home
Found him slumped across the table
A gun and me alone"

Can't belive Panic in Detroit hasn't made the top 50.

86 Days Days

A fine addition to the final album.. Consider "Never Get old" as well.

87 Seven Seven
88 Slow Burn Slow Burn

This song should be higher up the list - Jiorl

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89 Rubber Band Rubber Band V 1 Comment
90 I'm Deranged I'm Deranged

Didn't this appear in twin peaks: fire walk with me? great song though - Jiorl

91 Survive Survive

When I was going to school with a sore stomach, I thought "I'll Survive."

Survive is one of the best songs on the album "'Hours'..." as well as Thursday's Child and Something In The Air!

92 Buddha of Suburbia Buddha of Suburbia V 2 Comments
93 Little Wonder Little Wonder V 1 Comment
94 The Bewlay Brothers The Bewlay Brothers

I can't believe this isn't higher up in this list. This is one of my favorite songs by bowie. Knowing the lyrics are about his half brother makes them even more haunting. I get chills when I listen to this song. Beautiful.

One of Bowie's most haunting songs. A perfectly dark folk psychedelic trance. Absolutely needs to be higher.

That Exotic Backward Masked Horn Stirring up the chorus is amazing

Since his death, this has become my favourite Bowie song.

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95 Memory of a Free Festival Memory of a Free Festival
96 Warszawa Warszawa

The making of a real artist, is when they challenge all you are expecting, with something like Warszawa. We didn't have what in the 70's, but this and more were soon quelled with the beauty and pain contained within this masterpiece. This is him, for me.

I don't know why this master piece is not the number one of the list. Like Saint Vincent says, is my song for the saddest moments.

97 Subterraneans Subterraneans

This work of art will take you to another plane of existence. Will alter your mood every time you listen to it. It's a comforting sadness with beautiful warmth, like a hug at a funeral. Not mainstream Bowie, but one of his finest pieces.

This is the final song off of Low, and it is honestly one of my favorites. It just has an indescribable atmosphere that is absolutely haunting.

98 Cracked Actor Cracked Actor
99 Reality Reality

His most underrated song in my opinion.

100 Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud
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