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101 Warszawa

The making of a real artist, is when they challenge all you are expecting, with something like Warszawa. We didn't have what in the 70's, but this and more were soon quelled with the beauty and pain contained within this masterpiece. This is him, for me.

I don't know why this master piece is not the number one of the list. Like Saint Vincent says, is my song for the saddest moments.

102 Subterraneans

This work of art will take you to another plane of existence. Will alter your mood every time you listen to it. It's a comforting sadness with beautiful warmth, like a hug at a funeral. Not mainstream Bowie, but one of his finest pieces.

This is the final song off of Low, and it is honestly one of my favorites. It just has an indescribable atmosphere that is absolutely haunting.

103 Cracked Actor
104 Reality

His most underrated song in my opinion.

105 Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud
106 Never Get Old
107 Hallo Spaceboy V 2 Comments
108 Seven Years In Tibet

Very deep and atmospheric... lyrics are very cryptic, and this is definitely the best off "Earthling". Should be at least in the top 20...

Great song and I love when he played the sax himself.

Deep and eerie but sound really good though. best on earthling

109 Kooks V 2 Comments
110 Because You're Young

My Scary Monsters best song. At the same level of Ashes to ashes and Scream like a baby. What a guitar!

111 Time Will Crawl

An underrated but great song from his album Never Let Me Down.

Best Bowie song in years. The 80's was not a brilliant decade for David.

112 Sorrow

This song is easily the greatest song on the pinups album. Although it is a cover, it's easily the best version on the song.

V 1 Comment
113 Look Back In Anger
114 D.J.
115 Pallas Athena

One of my least favourite David Bowie songs.

116 New Killer Star
117 Black Country Rock

This should be in the top 100 at least. Personally, this is my number 1.

118 Saviour Machine

This is one of the best songs off the album in my opinion. Bowie's vocals soar above the instruments and create such tention and release, couples with a very intresting story. It's a shame this amazing song is nog higher up in this list.

119 Letter to Hermione

How haven't more people discovered this. Most underrated Bowie song! Give it a listen

So underrated! 153?!? Bowie fans must give this a listen, it upsets me that such a brilliant song has gone unnoticed

120 Candidate V 1 Comment
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