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121 Dancing in the Streets

I don't know why but every musical (top-tens or not) list I just get drawn to this song. Thank God "Changes" isn't on this list!

p. s. Its good to see that you are into this type of music instead of rap and hip hop. - fireinside96

Probably one of his biggest hits, should definitely be higher.

122 Station to Station

This song is an odyssey! Absolutely flawless

Probably his best song, he was on a load of cocaine and didn't even remember making it

Only David Bowie can record a song this good while he's completely smashed

This song is timeless, with strong lyrics.

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123 John, I'm Only Dancing

Oh come on, 96th? Why do all of my favorites get zero appreciation?

124 Fly
125 Hang on to Yourself V 1 Comment
126 Sunday

A perfect track from a perfect album! The chorus is so beautiful, and the drums in the end shake the whole room. Genius!

A wonderful song with a big atmosphere. His voice is so strong in it.

127 Time

I'd put this in Bowie's top 5. Simply a classic - it builds up to an incredible chorus and is sang with incredible gusto and feeling. Listen to it and I'm sure you'll agree

This is my favorite rock song of all time.

A brilliant classic.

Bowie... he was a total freak~ And this song showcases his freakiness in all his glory... what more could you possibly want? One of his best, very underrated song.

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128 In the Heat of the Morning

This is my Bowie song! Originaly from Decca recordings or a Toy album cover, is a music master piece. Also, brilliant cover by The last shadow puppets.

129 Slip Away
130 No Control
131 I Have Not Been to Oxford Town
132 The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell
133 Law (Earthlings On Fire)
134 Looking for Satellites
135 Glass Spider
136 Be My Wife

People get real, definitely top 50

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137 Sell Me a Coat
138 Queen Bitch

One of his first songs I heard and hunky dory album is first class

One of my early faces and hunky dory a brilliant album

One of my early faces and HD is a brilliant album

Glam Rock at its absolute finest

139 Let Me Sleep Beside You
140 The Supermen
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