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1 The Time of My Life The Time of My Life

Slow but very touching, I've loved this song when the first time I heard it! Kepp making new wonderful song, and we'll be waiting for you!

Very touching songs... Actually touch my heart...

Man It Should Be at least The 1st Song Of David... :) Sam Hassan

I really like the way you sing.

2 Light On Light On

This song definitely works for anyone who has ever left behind somebody they love. So emotional, so powerful and so pure! David rocks!

This song is so sad and so beautiful!

Best song ever... Love this song...

3 Right Here, with You Right Here, with You

This is my Most Fave David Cook Song for sure the Chorus is so fun to hear over and over again! - Curti2594

4 Come Back to Me

Such a fun, powerful, and moving song! Can listen to it over and over again. Moving and loving lyrics - its great!

Best I ever heard when you here you know that's really David cook

I think that this song is amazing and wonderful

"so I let you go ill set you free and when you see what you need to see come back to me"

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5 We Believe
6 Fade Into Me

Awesome track. love it!

Deep song... Love it

7 Declaration
8 Heroes
9 Hard to Believe

Best song that I thought for David cook song

10 Permanent

This might be one of the most moving songs that you will ever hear. So much emotion put into this song, and it really has deep lyrical meaning. Cancer affects the lives of so many, and David suffered so much watching his brother go through it and eventually pass away from it. Every word in this song can connect with people around the world in so many ways. This song is definitely one of David's best.

Best David Cook song, I also don't like Come Back To Me so much.

So meaningful and relatable! Best song by him!


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11 Always Be My Baby

Great song with great sound from david cook
I think it's better than the original version

Very nice song, needs to be higher though...

I just love it. No reason needed

Very like this sound. verse man.

12 The Last Goodbye

I can't believe this is no.9! It's such a great song and I love it!

Great Voice I love this song

Great song with a very good rymes just like a poem

13 Avalanche

Replay replay replay.. =)

14 Lie
15 The Last Song I'll Write for You
16 I Did It for You
17 Life on the Moon
18 Billie Jean

AMAZING! More haunting than Michael's but not better.

19 Rapid Eye Movement

This my favorite David Cook song

20 Circadian

This is my favourite David Cook song and one of my favourite songs of all time.

21 Laying Me Low

Best song of David Cook I think

22 Mr. Sensitive
23 Heartbeat

This song is amazing! Possibly his best work yet!
"If there is love, rain it down on everyone"!

24 Take Me as I Am
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