Best Days of the New Songs


The Top Ten

1 What's Left for Me?
2 Whimsical

Easily the most overlooked song off the first album. Guitar work is stellar as always. Not to mention some of Travis' most harrowing lyrics. Whimsical will always be number 1 in my book. - TragedyBound27

3 Weapon and the Wound

This followed by Die Born, Enemy, Take Me Back The, Touch Peel and Stand, Shelf in the Room, Flight Response, The Down Town, Where are You, Bring Yourself, etc.

4 Touch, Peel and Stand

Voted for this because I could not find Dancing With The Wind which is my favorite song. Too bad. This is in a close 2nd however. Like like pizza

You can't compare this song to the rest! Touch, Peel and Stand is amazing!

This is the best DOTN song. Period.

This is my favorite DOTN song ever! Love it! 😉😉

5 Dirty Road
6 Shelf in the Room

This song reminds me of good times with my friends. I love this song and it's my personal favourite days of the new song. - Riley2005

I love this song! My personal favourite days of the new song.

This should be way up the line! This song is about the singer's fear of the outside... the shelf in the room is his way of curling up and disappearing from everything, from all the activity, all the forces he cannot understand and is afraid to face. he's "closed his doors" but also realizes that it is "rain waiting to pour... " indicating that eventually his shelf will collapse and he will be sent back into the workd he so desparately wants to escape. He wants to leave from the place he knows, "Kick me out, let me go" cries Travis, as he is overwhelmed by a "releasing sense of getting tired" and wants only to retreat to the confines of his established, predictable, and safe world. He is saying THIS is who I am but it is because of the shelf. I have never wanted to face the reality of the situation. I can see now that my beliefs differ. If you asked someone how come they voted a certain way and their answer is because of the way I was raised, because of my parents, you have a shelf. A ...more - haiderhasan

7 Black Curtains
8 The Down Town

Definitely the best on this list.

9 One Foot Ahead
10 Flight Response

The Contenders

11 Solitude
12 Not the Same
13 Hang on to This
14 Die Born

Surprised this one wasn't on here so I'll add it. It's a great song, probably their best.

15 Enemy
16 The Real
17 Seasons Change
18 Now

One of the coolest guitar solos I've ever heard

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