Best Days of the Week

The Top Ten

1 Saturday

Simply the best! You can do so many things on Saturday, like go to the movies, or ride a bike! And best of all, you don't have to worry about school or your job on Saturday!

I love this day, because it's the weekend, and you can do fun things for 2 days! - Flowerfriend4407

Saturday is the best day of the week because Saturday is GOD's Day, I get to have a lot of fun on this day. - EpicTime9012

The only day of the week that is neither a school day or a school night. - 3DG20

2 Friday

Fun. We don't have to worry about homework, we can just focus on the weekend. - Flowerfriend4407

Saturdays are way better. I feel bad for my friends who are more religious so they can't do fun things on Saturday which feels like a waste since you waited forever for the weekend - Ihateschool

Saturday nights suck because you see Sunday coming which come pretty fast! Friday nights; WOOP WOOP!

This is the best day for me. The weekend starts and everyone is happy By the way lots of pepole Really enjoy watching the Friday Boxset on 4Music

3 Sunday

I don't like it much. It goes by too fast and it's the day you do homework.

Luckily, I don't have to suffer church. - KalloFox34

How is Sunday the best day? It is the end of the weekend, and the start of school or work! - BloodFang

It used to be Saturday that was my favorite day of the week, but now I think Sunday is way better. Going to church and being/praying with a whole community of people who love you and who you love is too great a feeling!

Sunday church is always a bit blander than Friday church, but its still fun since I have Bible quizzing (and my friends! ). - keycha1n

4 Thursday

This is the day when my dad came home from Afghanistan for a year, because today, the day I am writing this, is the day he actually comes home and since it's Thursday... it's now MY FAVORITE - Untildawn8

This is the day out of all that has less bad things 2nd favorite

Always my chillest weekday

This is best day for every people

5 Wednesday

The thing which happen on Wednesday with me was really emotional. And that's why this is my favourite day

A new south park episode comes out - venomouskillingmachine

I was born on Wednesday, but it still sucks.

Cause I get to finish school 1.5 hours less than normal. - njalabi63989

6 Tuesday

I agree with this list a lot. However the only thing I disagree with is Tuesday being lower than Monday. How is Monday not the worst day of the week?

East or west Tuesday

Tuesday is very busy

How is Tuesday bad?

7 Monday

I had sex on a monday


Monday's are terrible - Fireboy

Mondays got my vote