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1 Saturday

Saturday is the best day of the week because Saturday is GOD's Day, I get to have a lot of fun on this day. - EpicTime9012

The only day of the week that is neither a school day or a school night. - 3DG20

You can go out places if you want

For me this is the worst day. And stupidly I accidentally voted for it. - MaxAurelius

2 Friday

Saturdays are way better. I feel bad for my friends who are more religious so they can't do fun things on Saturday which feels like a waste since you waited forever for the weekend - Ihateschool

The end of a long, dreadful week. - 3DG20

Best. You get that awesome feeling of knowing you have a whole weekend ahead of you! - StrikeOfLight

Only one more day to go, a good mood and juicy anticipation surrounds you. Staying up late on friday night because you don't have to get up on Saturday. On Friday night, you know you'll be perfectly happy all the next day Saturday because you don't have school. You make your weekend plans, if it's productive, fun or easygoing, it is awesome! I love you Friday.

3 Sunday

I don't like it much. It goes by too fast and it's the day you do homework.

Luckily, I don't have to suffer church. - KalloFox34

The best day of the week. - RogerMcBaloney

How is Sunday the best day? It is the end of the weekend, and the start of school or work! - BloodFang

It used to be Saturday that was my favorite day of the week, but now I think Sunday is way better. Going to church and being/praying with a whole community of people who love you and who you love is too great a feeling!

4 Thursday

It feels like forever for Thursdays to end - Ihateschool

This is the day when my dad came home from Afghanistan for a year, because today, the day I am writing this, is the day he actually comes home and since it's Thursday... it's now MY FAVORITE - Untildawn8

This is the day out of all that has less bad things 2nd favorite

This is best day for every people

5 Wednesday

The thing which happen on Wednesday with me was really emotional. And that's why this is my favourite day

I was born on a Wednesday. - KalloFox34

A new south park episode comes out - venomouskillingmachine

Cause I get to finish school 1.5 hours less than normal. - njalabi63989

6 Tuesday

I agree with this list a lot. However the only thing I disagree with is Tuesday being lower than Monday. How is Monday not the worst day of the week?

East or west Tuesday

Tuesday is very busy

How is Tuesday bad?

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7 Monday

I had sex on a monday


Mondays got my vote

Monday's are terrible - Fireboy


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