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1 Saturday

The only day on a full school week you don't have to get up or got to bed early. - CDShark

Maybe friday but rebecca black basically is the one reason but saturday is the one day where you can just use the whole day and sunday you have to sleep because of school and friday you have to go school saturday is none

Saturday is obviously the best day of the week it has the most time to enjoy and the day after it is another day of fun too so... O

Saturday is best as there is a telefilm and movies and night of saturday is awesome

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2 Friday

I think Fridays are awesome but Rebecca Black ruined it laugh out loud

Fridays are basically THE BEST, first of all, you know that it's the end of the week, so no matter how it goes at work/school, you still got A WHOLE WEEKEND ahead of you, I especially love that amazing feeling when you come home and it's the start of the weekend. Friday Nights are pretty amazing too, you can go out for dinner, go shopping, watch a movie- do whatever the hell you want!

Only one more day to go, a good mood and juicy anticipation surrounds you. Staying up late on friday night because you don't have to get up on Saturday. On Friday night, you know you'll be perfectly happy all the next day Saturday because you don't have school. You make your weekend plans, if it's productive, fun or easygoing, it is awesome! I love you Friday.

I love Friday's, I do not get Saturday's, I can stay up longer on this day thanks to the fact I do not have church the next morning, but I would say Saturday wins for mornings. - Call

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3 Sunday

Sunday church is always a bit blander than Friday church, but its still fun since I have Bible quizzing (and my friends! ). - keycha1n

Also day when new episodes of The Walking dead air

Sunday is no school

I hate Sunday because they're right next to Monday and go by too fast. - Goatworlds

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4 Thursday

This is the day when my dad came home from Afghanistan for a year, because today, the day I am writing this, is the day he actually comes home and since it's Thursday... it's now MY FAVORITE - Untildawn8

This is the day out of all that has less bad things 2nd favorite

This is best day for every people

Always my chillest weekday

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5 Wednesday

A new south park episode comes out - venomouskillingmachine

Cause I get to finish school 1.5 hours less than normal. - njalabi63989

I was born on Wednesday, but it still sucks.

I was born on a Monday but Wendesday is clearly the best day of the week it's the most random day I love it so much and by the way I hate saturdays

6 Tuesday

I agree with this list a lot. However the only thing I disagree with is Tuesday being lower than Monday. How is Monday not the worst day of the week?

East or west Tuesday

Tuesday is very busy

East or west Tuesday is the best.
By V. Kapil

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7 Monday

I had sex on a monday

I Love Mondays Because My Dog Lost His Penis and now he wont get aids.

Mondays got my vote

I ate my cat on a monday

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