Best Days of the Week

The Top Ten
1 Saturday

The relaxing day, you can do whatever you want in this day and I love that. Only bad thing is that you get the anxiety that tomorrow is sunday and after sunday you get monday

The best day.
My ranking:
1. Saturday: No school, and you don't have to get up early
2. Sunday: Shame Sundays only feel like 5 hours, Monday ruins it, but still, HOLIDAYS!
3. Tuesday: Only because this is the only fun day at my school.
4. Friday
5. Wednesday
6. Thursday: 2nd worst school day for me, we have to do so much work on Thursdays at my school.
7. Monday: Well, yeah. Only 4 days of school to go...

Simply the best! You can do so many things on Saturday, like go to the movies, or ride a bike! And best of all, you don't have to worry about school or your job on Saturday!

Saturday is the best! The only day of the week where you get a day off and you don't need to worry about going to school or work the next day. Go Saturday!

2 Friday

Saturday is the obvious answer, yes, but everything is SOO much better on Fridays. At my school, everyone is considerably more happy on Fridays, which is refreshing. That feeling you get when returning home/school is so euphoric as well. A whole weekend is ahead of you.

Friday is 100% the best because you can stay up late yes, you can stay up late on saturday too but guess what happens when you wake up it's sunday and you get the anxiety of smonday (when sunday feels like monday) so in my opinion Friday should be number 1.

Picture this: Its friday morning, you can't wait for the weekend. You go into homeroom sitting at your desk. But then you remember you have a unit test for science AND math today. The morning is dreadful, you stare at the clock just waiting for it to hit 12 so you can have lunch. You finish lunch, the next 3-4 hours feel like 10 taking forever. You finally arrive home to your mom saying "YOU GOT A F ON 2 TESTS?! DID YOU EVEN STUDY?"

(what could happen, but friday is still better than all the weekdays)

Friday is really the best day. I wouldn't think nobody would like it, this day I can do whatever I want to stay up late and go out.

Friday is also a day I can rest and relax and watch some movies. Even play games

This is why I vote Friday as the best day of the week.
Hope you understand.

3 Sunday

It used to be Saturday that was my favorite day of the week, but now I think Sunday is way better. Going to church and being/praying with a whole community of people who love you and who you love is too great a feeling!

I hate Sunday. It has the name of that annoying hot gaseous ball in the sky. (I can't stand that thing.) It has the day you worship "god" (I'm not Christian) and libraries are closed, Less hours in stores, SUPERBOWL SUNDAY, (I detest sports) and next day is school. So, there are many reasons this should be #7.

Sunday church is always a bit blander than Friday church, but its still fun since I have Bible quizzing (and my friends! ).

Means you have to go back to school/work tomorrow... but you can be glad there's a whole week before you have another one!

4 Thursday

Thursday gets me hyped for the end of the work week. This is when I start to plan out what I am going to do in the weekend and feel more relaxed than stressed compared to how I feel on Sunday evenings to Wednesdays.

This is the day when my dad came home from Afghanistan for a year, because today, the day I am writing this, is the day he actually comes home and since it's Thursday... it's now MY FAVORITE

Thursday is cool because you know that you have friday tomorrow. You all know friday is the best

I like thursday is because I know tommarow is friday and that there is only 2 more days of school.

5 Wednesday

The thing which happen on Wednesday with me was really emotional. And that's why this is my favourite day

A very boring event happens every Wednesday that I go to all the time.

Yay for Wednesday, the most misspelled day of the week!

Cause I get to finish school 1.5 hours less than normal.

6 Tuesday

I agree with this list a lot. However the only thing I disagree with is Tuesday being lower than Monday. How is Monday not the worst day of the week?

I have double maths on Tuesday, it's just as bad as Monday in my opinion.

Bad day but better than monday. Why? because at least days are passing and the grand finale is close

East or west Tuesday is the best.
By V. Kapil

7 Monday

Thanks to a new rule in effect for most Coloradoan schools, we have a three-day weekend which is most of the time with a Monday. Plus, I have a Bible study that day which makes it the highlight of my week.

Monday is a fresh start...nothing has gone wrong in the whole week...yet. How many days other than a Monday can you say that?

Monday only happens 52 times a year, and it's a signal for new beginnings! It starts off the week!

Mondays tend to go very quick for me because of school. Too bad I have to experience the Hassle of finding my bus