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1 General Hospital

I love the story lines and the characters! I've been watching this show for over 35 years!

This Us Still A Good Show, But It Used To B The BEST IN The 80S

Love this show! Favorite soap ever!

The show sucks

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2 Days of Our Lives

I have been watching Days since Susan Hayes (Julie) was a young girl. I would watch after I got out of school. My favorite part was Christmas at the Horton's and how each member of the family had their own ornament with their name on it. It united them as a family. Julie at that time had a thing for David Banning; if I remember correctly. I believe that was back in 1965-66. Love the soap!

I have been watching this show sence I was a little Girl with my grandma who has seen even the first one ever! Never a dull moment always some new story going on weather its twisted, creepy, or just a good story line, it has good acting and my favorite soap opera!

Because it keeps me on my toes and at the edge of my seat. I have been watching for at least 35 years on and off. Days of Our lives is the best day time soap opera and I hope it stays on forever.

I'm voting this for WilSon... Don't Judge Me!

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3 The Young and the Restless

Just started watching this as I can't get into the other 2 on T.V.. Victor Newman and Jack Abbott use their family to get at each other and to try to be better than the other. Great story lines although I do miss Billy Miller as Billy Abbott. He had the face of someone who was always getting into trouble where as the new Billy character is more mature in features. Love all the capers and escapades of all the characters. The story line with the plane crash, the killer who has killed 2 and framed Sharon, as well as the real life exposure of issues that present themselves to many people - cancer, DWI accident, etc are important in making the soap realistic. Love the show.

I'm only 13 but I'm in my 8 year of the show and I love the organisation and Chracters that are in y&r

4 All My Children

This is the only one I watched totally devastated its no longer on. - BettyBoopFan58

Most iconic character, most video taped show in history, ratings and emmys.

5 As the World Turns
6 One Life to Live

My mother used to watch this until they took it off the air.

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7 Guiding Light

I grew up watching this show with mother and her friends. I continued to watch it through college.

8 Dark Shadows

My absolute favorite show of all time! - tarot_contralto

9 The Bold and the Beautiful

What I love about this show is it's character driven. That is always the best route to go. Irregardless of how annoying some stories might be, you still care about what happens to the characters which is the key to any soap fan.

Come on, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL is by far the best soap opera. It's just such a classy show, which is about family and how fame and money means nothing comparing to your beloved ones.

I like how the characters are portrayed. Each and every one has a special feature and characteristic.

The best show I love it

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10 Passions

This show is awesome! I wish it were still on regular cable. - tarot_contralto

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11 Santa Barbara

Loved watching Jed Allen in a spin off forming the head of his family on Santa Barbara. Lasted a few years but was good and interesting while it was on.

The humor on Santa Barbara and the super couples and action made this my all-time favorite soap.

12 Port Charles
13 Spyder Games

The bootlicking scene was the best

14 Fifteen
15 Ryan's Hope
16 Another World

Loved watching Another World when Rachel first met Steve, who was eventually killed in an accident. Adda who played her mother was a down to earth middle class lady who while Rachel was looking for something more which is why she married the doctor. After divorcing him, she met Steve and moved on up

17 The Doctors

The Doctors was on when I was in high school. It revolved around the hospital where Dr. Aldrich worked. Susan Flannery who appeared in the Bold and the Beautiful for many years starred on the Doctors as the love interest to one of the doctors. It seems like a lifetime ago.

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