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21 My Saviour

This song always gets me pumped up for a workout, it's my favourite Dead By April song! So beautiful

I love this song more than anything other song mentioned here. Just wish it was higher on the list.

No doubt this is their best?

Awesome... just awesome..

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22 Painting Shadows

Awesome man! It feels my life! I can realise everything in my life!

How is this not #1? This is their best song lyrically and instrumentally.

23 Real & True V 1 Comment
24 Angels of Clarity

This is my favourite song by them easily. The screaming verses transition perfectly into the pre-chorus and chorus.

25 Falling Behind

Come on people, this is one of the best DBA songs.. Why is it only on 20? COME ON AND VOTE FOR IT!

Belongs to the TOP 5!

The best song after losing you. come on guyzz -____-

Why this is on num 27 don't know...its no only DBAs best song...its one of the best song ever...Best lyrics, best clean & rash vocal combination

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26 Mystery

Wow, this song has helped me make love and I will always love this song. The synths on the beginning are just awesome and the guitars after that just make it better, but not to forget the awesome vocals and screaming. The lyrics make me think of my girlfriend every time I listen to this song. Let me tell you the story: I loved her but I didn't know how to tell it to her, so one day I told her to listen to this song and the next day she was just awesome. I told her that that's what I was trying to say and she almost cried, now we love each other so much thanks to this EPIC song by Dead by April. Dead by April I love you guys and thanks for making such awesome songs.

The first 30-40 seconds of this song blows me away every time I listen to it. Seriously underrated on this list. I rank it right up there with Losing You and Promise Me. The first

This is easily one of their best songs. This song is pretty new but people I can garuantee it belongs in the top 5. Their best song in my opinion... Along with: Within My Heart and Losing You. Just Listen

Simply the best song ever.

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27 More Than Yesterday

! It's song amazing.. clean vocal is good, my inspiration!

This should at least be in the top 10 its pretty good

One of my best song in my list

28 I Made It

I still don't understand how could this song be in 25th place? Its one of the best songs I heard of Dead by April. The lyrics are one of the most inspiring I heard. They are also powerful can help a lot of people chase their dreams.

Awesome song why isn't it the top?

Best song for inspiration and my favourite song too

According to me this song so good hearing. and character of the music is quite difficult. why not in place to Tranding top only. to rank at least four.

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29 Beautiful Nightmare

The best song from their new album, Let The World Know.

30 Holding On
31 A Promise

Sutch an underrated DBA song, the hole song is so good with it's heawy and melodic sound. And The intro follows up with the awesome heawy instruments and then the best sounding synths play with the most beautiful sounding vocals and brutal screams from Jimmy. There a no more words for me to describe it joust simply plane awesome song!

32 Lost
33 Two Faced

Jimmie Strimell's screaming In this song is perfect so are Zandro's clean vocals

34 My Tomorrow V 1 Comment
35 Replace You

This song makes me wanna cry every time I hear it.

Definitely the best love song of DBA although In My Arms is also great

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36 Let the World Know

Come on people, it's fantastic song, must deserve top 10 position

A very balanced melodic metalcore song ever produced!

This song is a different experience of true melody and a perfect song of the album because it itself is the title song...bravo

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37 Cause I Need You
38 I Can't Breathe
39 Hold On

This song is so good, the intro is so great! The screaming is perfect!

Amazing track from the new album.
Can't believe this is not in the top 15.
The chorus is just delightful.

40 Infinity x Infinity
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