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41 I Can't Breathe
42 Unhateable
43 Empathy

Yes! Yes! Yes! This songs rocks! Just the best! The lyrics, the drumming, the screaming, the singing, guitars, bass, synths, all get a ten out of ten. Thanks to the best band ever, I love Dead by April! Big part of my life for sure... I voted for this song, but wanna know my top ten list? Check this:

01. All Dead by April songs
02. All Dead by April songs
03. All Dead by April songs
04. All Dead by April songs
05. All Dead by April songs
06. All Dead by April songs
07. All Dead by April songs
08. All Dead by April songs
09. All Dead by April songs
10. All Dead by April songs

"Look into my eyes, what did you see?... I'm someone wo can show empathy... When your mind's clouded by your heart, it's not easy to see what's real and what's not... I gave you my empathy..." Just a chill giving song, it truly rocks! Probably one of their best song. every time I listen to Andersson's screams it makes me scream along and every time I listen to Santaigo's voice it's just all too good... Man this band is the GOD OF MUSIC

44 Same Star

The clean vocals in the chorus really grow on you the more you listen to this track the more you appreciate the band as a whole... this track should be in the top 10

45 Abnormal

One of the best songs from their newest album "Let the World Know".

46 Done With Broken Hearts
47 Peace of Mind V 1 Comment
48 Warrior

I love all DBA songs, but this one is really good. The lyrics show, that you can do anything and there's nothing to be afraid of, this should at least be top 20

49 Perfect the Way You Are
50 For Every Step
51 Too Late
52 Incomparable
53 Love Like Blood
54 Infinity x Infinity
55 Playing with Fire
56 Breaking Point
57 My Heart is Crushable
58 Can You See the Red
59 Our Worlds Collide
60 This is My Life
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