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1 Let Down

The video is awesome (even though I didn't get much of it), the guitar and background is out of this world, and of course, chester's voice is NO MATCH AT ALL... what chance does any other song stand? This song's numero uno!

I don't wanna be let down
I don't wanna live my life again
Don't wanna be led down the same old road...
Amazing song! Lyrics are awesome, instrumental is cool, and Chester is WOW... Penetrates right inside you. You just can't miss this song if you love Chester's voice.

To be honest this band is only known because of Chester's majestic voice. However this song is one of a kind and gives me great vibes as I go on through life. - musicneverstops


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2 Crawl Back In

Awesome awesome song! This song brought me to this band... Really good singing, chester... Though not as good as Linkin Park!

Chester you rock... any band which has Chester has to succeed... offcourse Linkin Park rules... but dead by sunrise is awesome too... dis son is kickass with amazing guitar and perfect vocals... way to go DBS!

3 Walking in Circles

What is this song doing at number 11? You people got to be kidding me.
This has to be one of the best song of Dead by Sunrise and Linkin Park altogether. Anyway, vote for this song guys. It hurts me to see this song down at number 11.

This song is the by dbs, it makes me feel like I m out of the world

Such Cool Guitar Effects Throughout the Song, Plus Chester's voice is so amazinggg during the verses. you know what? Screw it, his voice is amazing on every dead by sunrise song. One of the best Side Projects Ever, Dead by Sunrise. by the way Dead by Sunrise definitely showcases Chester Benningtons vocal abilities better than Linkin Park, for sure.

4 Too Late

Seriously I felt this song to have supercool music throughout.. crawl back in and walking in circles aren't that good

Awesome song. Better than Let Down.

But it's too late to turn back noow. It's too loud to hear the sound. I'm so lost, I can't be found. It's too late to turn back noow.


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5 Into You

I would like to see which singer can beat chester as he sings this song... I virtually blush when he sings I fall into you and I fade away...

Its definitely the best song by Dead By SUnrise..!
Chester completely rocks..! He's the best..!

Love this song very much

Must be in 3rd next to too late and let down

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6 My Suffering

Amazing scream of chester

Best song ever maching Chester benningtons amazing voice with a drummer and guitarist that actualy can play unlike those of linkin park awesome job cez

7 In the Darkness

Beautiful, Absolutely Beautiful. Gives Me Goosebumps Every Time

Ending is mind blowing...go away and forget everything, everyone...bye - gaj2394

8 Inside of Me

This song is legendary. With the unique style of Chester and the song's originality, not a single song can pass though.

It's so punkish, epic, rocking, Pumpin. The Complete Headbanger Package is Here.

9 End of the World
10 Give Me Your Name

This song sounds like modern Pink Floyd Chester voice is so angelic in it. Definitely their best song.

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11 Morning After
12 Fire
13 Condemned
14 Hardly Breathe

This song isn't by Dead By Sunrise. It's by Hydroponikz and Chester Bennington.

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1. Let Down
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1. Let Down
2. Crawl Back In
3. Too Late
1. Condemned
2. Crawl Back In
3. End of the World

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