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1 Holiday in Cambodia

Love this song. Has everything a good punk rock song needs, love Jello's vocals, the intro is what mad this song the best song ever. If you don't feel the lyrics, you are not punk and should go listen to Justin Bieber.

The song is about a communist country, so if you lived in North Korea you could quite easily relate to this song, It's been said before thousands of times, Punk is an idea, it's not all about the music. - RIDDLER2K15

The album version is better however...

Love this song some much best song by miles - mneilan

Classic of all classics

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2 California Uber Alles

Just play it loud!

Although Holiday In Combodia is there most famous, I believe California Uber Alles is their greatest. The bass line is unforgettable and the song itself shows how controversial yet awesome DK is. All I gotta say now is "I am Governor Jerry Brown, My aura smiles and never frowns, soon one day I'll be president..." - cjWriter1997

Honestly I just like the story behind this song... it was a response to some neo nazis thinking DK was a neo nazi band... nope!

3 Kill the Poor
4 Police Truck

Awesome song from an awesome game. Should be much higher on the list!

Tony Hawk Pro Skater anyone? - TristanMatheny

5 Moon Over Marin

Should be up there near the top, not the typical DK's sounding song but very powerful.

6 I Kill Children
7 Nazi Punks F**k Off

The napalm death version is awesome two. - Caleb9000

8 I Fought the Law

This isn't even a Dead Kennedys song. It's a Clash cover.

This is not a clash cover you dumb chode, they changed the lyrics.

I do not think that this song is the best, but I'm suprised why it is not in the list

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9 Riot

Killer riff and bassline… Riot is my favourite Dead Kennedys song by a long way

10 Halloween

California is better I think, but this song has the best bass part I have ever heard and intro noise with Jello's scream is great too

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? Stealing Peoples' Mail
? Soup is Good Food

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11 Too Drunk to F***

Are you serious? Just listen to that guitar!

How has nobody voted on this yet? The first song I ever heard heard by DK, it started a trail that would eventually lead to DK being ranked high among my favorite bands. The song is fast, the lyrics are reatable and the name makes stupid music from today look like lullabies. 10/10!

12 Bleed for Me
13 Buzzbomb

How come this is not even in the list? This is one of the many amazing songs they could come up with even after Fresh Fruit for Rotting vegetables set up such a big benchmark.

The quintessential DKs song: loud fast hardcore punk mocking the materialist in all of us.

14 Pull My Strings V 2 Comments
15 Chemical Warfare

I think chemical warfare deserves to be here. Amazing intro, fast paced, loud music, with a big touch of dark humor, that's Jello all right. Every song from "Fresh fruit from rotting vegetables" deserves to be here. (Except Ill in the head, because lets face it, the lyrics are good but the music is boring) I honestly don't know why Holiday in Cambodia is labelled as being from the album "Give me convenience or give me death" because it appeared in "Fresh Fruit for rotting vegetables, first. And ha! To you for not being able to put the "Penis landscape" as the album art for frankenchrist.

16 When Ya Get Drafted

Short, biting, Dead Kennedys at their finest.

17 Trust Your Mechanic
18 Forest Fire
19 Chickens*** Conformist
20 The Prey
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1. I Kill Children
2. Moon Over Marin
3. Holiday in Cambodia
1. Holiday in Cambodia
2. Kill the Poor
3. I Fought the Law



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