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21 Vampires vs. Zombies

Out of the eaters of blood and flesh, one vampire lives but turns into a zombie...

22 GSG9 vs. SWAT
23 Saddam Hussein vs Pol Pot

Psychotic dictators, machine guns, and explosives. With a great battle, what more could you ask for in a great Deadliest Warrior match?

24 Pirate vs. Knight

This was bull, you have a drunk, malnutritied guy whos sword, pistol, and axe couldn't even touch the knight. His blunderbuss didn't even shoot half the time and gernade only disoriented his opponent vs a warrior who could beag him to death with his steal covered hands

Not only did the pirate win but dominated - Poop2

25 Comanche vs. Mongol

I was surprised that the Mongol bow was not measured as firing at as high a velocity as the short Comanche bow. They showed the Comanche range as 200 yards and the Mongol as 500 yards. How is it that the Mongol arrow was lower velocity? The newer DW software would undoubtedly have given the Mongol the edge, too, because though the Comanche were incredible individual fighters, they had no real strategic fighting abilities and no tactical training or discipline beyond working in small groups. The Mongols conquered the WORLD, man.

26 Ancient Match
27 Modern Match

It was the best episode because it tells you the best modern warrior. and on that same episode (back for blood) it told you the best acient warrior

28 Attila the Hun vs Alexander the Great

It was ashamed that Alexander lost but it was still a good fight.

29 Roman Centurion vs. Rajput Warrior

Not sure there was much realism here, but the Rajput weapons were really awesome to see in play. I really think the Romans would've won in anything other than a one-on-one matchup--that was never the Roman's strong suit. With close-to-even technologies, NO ONE beat the Romans en masse.

Rajput defeated roman centurion

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30 Gurkha vs. Al Capone
31 Rajput vs. Centurion

Definitely the most interesting weapons in the series.

As above--agree about the interesting weapons.

32 Aztec Jaguar vs Zande Warrior V 1 Comment
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